Jimi D does not dwell on negatives

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Jimi D does not dwell on negatives
As a paramedic, Christopher Chambers is constantly on call to help persons in urgent need of medical attention. As singjay Jimi D, his objective is to empower the downtrodden and marginalised.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the Jamaican artiste projects love for the Almighty and detractors on ‘Praises’, a song released in late 2023. It is co-produced by Hard Doe Entertainment LLC, Just Time Records and C&E Entertainment.

It is the follow-up to ‘Struggla’, another song co-produced by Hard Doe Entertainment LLC and C&E Entertainment.

‘Karma’, released in late 2022, also hears Jimi D praising a supreme being for protecting him from enemies and hypocrites. While these songs call out naysayers, Jimi D stressed that he does not dwell on negatives.

“The inspiration for ‘Praises’ came from the mindset I was in when I heard the beat. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always in gratitude, that’s my first kinda of mindset with life. I’m a very spiritual person. I grew up in the Seventh Day Adventist Church,” he disclosed. “Through these latter years I’ve shed religion for a spiritual connection with the creator and its creation. I identified Rastafari as a segue into this new mindset of thinking. I haven’t dropped or shunned the beliefs and ideas of Christianity but just incorporated it into a deeper and closer relationship with the Almighty Father and the universe.”

Born in Kingston, Jimi D has been involved in music since the late 1990s when he and two friends started a harmony group. But he was inspired to take writing and recording songs seriously by a famous uncle who saw his potential.

“Don Carlos played a pivotal role in my musical development and in my development as a man. He was one of my first true father figures. My father was not around as a child, so my uncles stepped up to the plate. Musically though, I didn’t realise until I was a teenager that all the conversations we had about music was his way of checking my interests in music. He would always ask me to sing whenever he came off tour and stuff. When I became a teenager that’s when he started to push me more in that direction,” Jimi D recalled.

His admiration for American Rhythm And Blues and hip hop grew through living in the United States. But encouraged by Don Carlos, he began recording reggae songs such as ‘Best Wine’, and more recently ‘Defiance’, released in 2022 when he contracted Covid-19.

Jimi D has toured with Don Carlos, widely regarded as one of roots-reggae’s most enduring acts. That’s a career he would love to emulate.

“My plans for 2024 is to release more music and to do more shows. Been busy dealing with life. So many pitfalls throughout this journey but I’m still standing. I’m glad to say I can now do music the way that I really want to so it’s my turn,” he said.

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