River come down Bankx to Bankx

by Feb 29, 2024News

River Come Down Bankx To Bankx

If one ever thought of A’Legends’ journey, it could very well be likened to a River Coming Down Bank To Bank. This is a Jamaican saying which points to overflowing, abundance, and this connects to A’Legends’ success.

Her latest project, ‘Bankx Riddim’, will make you dance up a storm even in the most reverend places in the world.

Having emerged as a fashion designer, actress, and author, no one knew she would step into record production. This came like a thief in the night and, unlike Cinderella’s dream, it is far from a fairytale story.

A’Legends’ seven-track dancehall masterpiece is about to take off like a rocket. This comes with a silverware riddim released party in the studio with Dr. MichelleG on Get With The Fix radio in New Jersey.

No one in their right mind is expected to miss the action on Instagram. The date is Saturday March 2nd at 4:00 pm with a similar broadcast elsewhere including Jamaica.

Once you are following the ten artistes you are good to go. The complete show is in the palm of your hand. The artistes are Navino, Delly Ranx, Xyclone feat. Zagga and Bay-C from the T.O.K. family, Jinyus, Xoshaniel, and Nakash.

“The project began in June 2023 and was completed in January 2024. It began with Grammy-winning producer Delly Ranx’s recording a relatable, ‘Why Love Hurts’. This, about the problems surrounding true love, took less than a week to be recorded and mastered.”

“Then came Xyclone’s ‘Wull Heap’, a motivational song, and ‘Sulfa That Way’, chronicling how females please him. The others all did their tracks within September 2023 and January 2024.”

“I didn’t have any real challenges. I actually selected artistes who I thought would be excited about this project.”

“The ads have garnered a lot of attention and Jamaican Xoshaniel should be a major deal as she prepares to go on a school tour. There, she will get the chance to promote the EP. In addition, there will be a soon-to-be-released medley music video. The promotional base also includes interviews and stage shows.”

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