Spanish Town outfit hits iTunes Charts

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Spanish Town Outfit hits iTunes Charts
Amidst dark clouds of negativity, including crime and Violence, hanging over Spanish Town, the 17-year-old teenaged Just for Peace International name was ringing out among the top 10 favoured spots on the US sales driven iTunes charts, Wednesday, February 7, 2024.

It was also the day following the birthday celebrations of Bob Marley, the greatest reggae icon the world has ever seen. Bob, born February 6, 1945, would have been 79 years old. He died on May 11, 1981.

The ‘Just for Peace’ album, which features ‘Jehovah’ feat. Stonebwoy & Epixode, along with tunes by Grammy winner Kabaka Pyramid, Third World Don, Valiant, Kryme Rate, and Spanish Town-based Lahjihkal among others, occupied the number 4 slot, whilst the Marleys dominated the top three chosen slice of the US iTunes charts.

Michael “Beatbopper” Hudgins, executive producer of the 12-track set, is not surprised by its position.

“Anything with peace will sell if it is properly marketed. A lot of people are fed up with the ongoing war and violence in the world. Just look at the message of ‘Heartless’ a prominent song by reggae artiste Chuck Fenda. ‘Heartless’ is an opposition to the prevailing abuse of especially women and children.”

“I came into the music business to change lives, and we just can’t do it with artistes who are already known by everyone. We have to include others (artistes) who are surrounded by the problem.”

“A number of artistes on the Just for Peace album are sending a strong message, that the choices we make in life will make a difference to society. Lahjihkal from Spanish Town, is quite building a reputation. He has hit the iTunes charts with ‘Need My Love’, a high energy song loved by a number of producers and reggae fans here in the United States.”

“We want to make a very strong statement, not only in Jamaica but everywhere, that crime affects every fabric of society.”

Beatbopper, in association with Just for Peace International, has been sponsoring fatherless children in Jamaica for the past three years. He has also sponsored talent contests geared toward shaping lives through positive music.

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