Xoshaniel gets ready to launch ‘Money Moves’

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Xoshaniel gets ready to launch 'Money Moves'

Some five years ago, Lennecia McDonald, then a student at Aabuthnott Gallimore High School, St. Ann, made a vow she would never forget her friends Zosha and Shaniel when she becomes a star.

Now, the aspiring Xoshaniel (derived from Zosha and Shaniel), has released some ten songs, one being ‘Money Moves’. This, she hopes, to deliver on her upcoming Fully Bright school tour in Jamaica.

The producer is Philadelphia extraordinaire A’Legends, also a fashion designer and author of two children’s books.

Xoshaniel has been wearing more than an engaging smile because she hopes to connect with students from both rural and urban communities.

“I am going to captivate the entire Jamaica with ‘Money Moves’ because too many of us have given up on ourselves and have become broke and it takes cash to care. We have forgotten our dreams and aspirations which should include hard work.”

“Perhaps this is why the Lord has opened the door for me to be a part of the message that the Fully Bright team will bring to our schools. This song will certainly encourage students to follow their dreams, no matter the circumstances – one of the lessons from A’Legend’s book, Keira Discovers Her Talent.”

She shows her versatility with the lines:
“Everything is just for a time
Can’t waste fi mi time
Nah siddown and hype
Affi do di right
Nuff a dem a seh mi hype
Low di noise, focus and zone out…”

The budding star continues to share her views that “words are powerful, and students need positive lyrics to uplift them from the ugly side of life which includes poverty experienced by families.”

“The birth of this song came unexpectedly. I actually won a competition that involved penning and performing a verse that fits ‘In Return’ – one of Vershon’s songs. This was in August, 2023. I knew about it (competition) through Vershon’s Instagram page. A’Legends sent me the riddim on which I did the song, recorded at Maxx749 Music Studio in Trelawny.”

Her other songs include ‘Only If Dem Know’, ‘Time Will Tell’, ‘Conquer Your Fears’, and ” Heart String’, a tribute to her mother.

Xoshaniel is confident that this Fully Bright school tour will make her more marketable. “The experience alone will make me more versatile, and confident and most of all increase my fanbase worldwide,” she shares.

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