Fully Bright scores at Louise Bennett Coverley Primary School

by Mar 19, 2024News

Nana EQ at Louise Bennett Coverley Primary School tour

Gordon Town, a rural district in St. Andrew, boasts Louise Bennett Coverley Primary School. On its wall is a full-size mural of Miss Lou after which the school was named.

The iconic folklorist is known for using the Jamaican dialect to captivate the world. She was awarded the OJ (Order of Jamaica by the Jamaican government).

The school’s principal invited the Fully Bright team to the Jamaica Peace Day event and students and teachers got a full dose of entertainment.

Nana EQ took students down memory lane with two popular songs from Miss Lou’s catalogue, being ‘Emmanuel Road’ and ‘Linstead Train’.

Students had fun using their bodies as coaches with teachers enjoying the trapping sounds of their feet on the firm concrete grounds. Jõnelle, a Canadian recording artiste and former track star, had students participating in her popular song titled ‘Mood’.

Kryme Rate continues to be consistent in calling for peace. He is also helping to promote Michael “Beatbopper” Hudgins’ produced ‘Just for Peace International’ album with artistes including Kabaka Pyramid, Valiant, and Lahjihkal.

Principal Sheena Taylor introduced Dr. Garth McDonald aka deejay Shaka Pow as a man of passion with a zeal for a fully Bright country and one of great scholastic achievement. Several students received Fully Bright certificates and schoolbags.

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