Lappaleng’s message to the world

by Mar 10, 2024News

Lappaleng's message to the world

Jamaican-born UK-based reggae artiste Lappaleng is advising every decent-abiding citizen to protect themselves. This comes through his latest release, ‘Protect Yuh Life’.

The song, dubbed a lyrical powerhouse, is making rounds in the music landscape, while governments continue to grapple with crime and violence.

“Let us not fool ourselves. Governments alone cannot protect all of us. We need to find other means of protecting our lives. Daily we hear of the alarming levels of crime and violence. The victims include children, women, and the elderly. Their relatives and loved ones are left devastated to the point of being traumatized. Some never recover from mental disorder.”

“This comes against the background with governments hoping to win the criminals by increasing police patrols, advanced technology, and more recruits to fight crime.”

Turning to Jamaica, Lappaleng adds that, “Jamaica, with so many churches per square mile, should not have so much crime as our statistics reveal. This is why I am suggesting that our Firearms Licensing Authority(FLA) amends the laws to make that more people have access to legal firearms.

Lappaleng shares that, “Three main incidents have led to the song. The senseless killing of a schoolgirl who was left to die after her throat was slashed. The kidnapping and murder of a nine-month-old baby and her mother. The third being the circumstantial death of a Nigerian singer who had sought protection.”

“I began writing the song last November 2023. It was recorded at Gennis studio in Birmingham, England, and released on my own Lappaleng record label.

Lappaleng, born Karl Wallace, grew up in a number of gritty communities, including Gully, Salt Spring (St. James), and Waterhouse in Kingston.

His love for music started while attending Gully Basic School where he began playing the drums. He then began deejaying as a teenager, attending Albion and Salt Spring All-Age Schools, becoming more advanced at Senior School, now Montego Bay High School.

“It was my stepmother who took me to a Seventh Day Adventist church and I became a member of the junior choir.”

But, this was not for long. Lappaleng opted for secular music. He left Jamaica in 1990 residing in Birmingham, England, where he has made his home. He regularly travels to Jamaica which he dearly loves.

Lappaleng has recorded some 30 songs, including ‘Batten Up’, ‘Girls Love Money’ (Rockers Masters), ‘Bibi Dip’, ‘Unite’, and ‘Voice Of Jamaica’ (Shocking Vibes Production).