Sosuh Bonez scores big at Old Harbour Primary School

by Mar 23, 2024News

Sosuh Bonez scores big at Old Harbour Primary School

Sosuh Bonez, a Spanish Town-based deejay is one of three artistes representing Kyoni Records.

He is on the Fully Bright school tour, which has been showcasing a lot of talent. Sosuh Bonez gave a smashing performance at the Old Harbour Primary School on Friday, March 15, 2024.

This had students cheering him to the end of his 10-minute set. Taking center stage in the school’s quadrangle, Sosuh Bonez energised the over 1,000 students and teachers with, “How you feeling, Old Harbour Primary.”

This was the perfect booster that captivated even visitors to the school. He then called on the music man to pop up the riddim which complimented ‘Living It Up’.

Teachers responded with, “great performance” and “lovely” as he exited the stage.

“This is my best performance so far. Everything was just right including the students who really made me feel extra good,” Sosuh Bonez shared.

Nana EQ, who was complimented for her fabulous headwrap had students, involved in Emmanuel Road, a ring game that involves breaking stones. This had the principal joining them.

Kryme Rate scored well with ‘Too much Killing’.

Several students received Fully Bright certificates and button compliments from Dr. Garth McDonald, founder of the Fully Bright Foundation.

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