Reissue: The Heptones – Pressure!

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The Heptones - Pressure!


In 1995, the original members of the renowned Heptones trio, Leroy Sibbles, Barry Llewellyn, and Earl Morgan, who had previously split up in the 1970s, joined forces with artist turned producer David Sinclair, also known as Tappa Zukie. Together, they recorded a reunion album titled Pressure!. RAS Records released the album in CD format in the US, while Abraham Records released it as a vinyl LP in Canada.

Originally available in CD and vinyl formats, the 10-track album is now also released digitally. The tracklist includes cover versions of Bob Marley’s Rastaman Live Up and Burning Spear’s Marcus Garvey, as well as a new version of their popular song Country Boy. The album features mainly conscious tunes such as World Crisis, Pressure, Are You Coming With Me, Old Time Gang Leader, By The Sweat Of Your Brow, and Teach The Children. The only romantic track on the album is the opener, You Mean The World To Me.

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