The Sugar in Howard Sweetness

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The Sugar in Howard Sweetness

Once upon a time, somewhere in the gritty community of Trench Town, Kingston, there lived a man called Howard Dangerous; his given name Howard Mitchell. The funny thing is, Howard had never killed a fly. He could be seen walking along Water Lane from the tenement yard where he lived, with a smile that never seemed to set with the sun.

This made the girls’ hearts flip like butterflies. And Howard, with lips as oily as buttercups, could easily grease his lyrical intentions to females like sliced bread. But as soon as Dangerous becomes too pronounced, there lies a fear within the bosoms of his admirers.

Howard does agree that many prospective lovers began to ask: “Art thou the Dangerous Howard. I do fear that name is far from grace.”

According to the singer, who now resides in Montego Bay, “I really never felt such a name would be a problem. I kept saying, what’s in a name? I got the name Howard Dangerous by going around with a screwface, a face that brought fear to young and old. My screws would easily bolt like Usain on the tracks.”

“I met a very nice girl from Rema. The type with a coco bottle shape. She was passionate and kind. But, when I mentioned Howard Dangerous, she was taken aback.”

Howard Sweetness could see the question marks on her puzzled face; her script was one of disbelief. But someone came and rescued Howard.

“It was Sister Charmaine” he recalled. “I was at Harry J. Studio in Mountain View, Kingston, about in the 1980s. I mentioned Howard Dangerous and she came forward and scolded me like a student.”

“That name Howard Dangerous doesn’t fit a star like you. You are too handsome for that (name). you should be Howard Sweetness.”

“I thought about it and agreed with Sister Charmaine.”

Now, the name Howard Sweetness is like a clock. It ticks every second and thousands are eagerly waiting for it to make an alarm. Not only at the late Sugar Minott’s Youthman Promotions studio, and King Jammys, but the world.

Howard Sweetness is now working with Tourtown Records and Entertainment. He recorded ‘Tell Laura I Love Her’, released on March 16, 2024. It is on all major platforms, including Spotify.

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Howard Sweetness – Tell Laura I Love Her

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