Fully Bright prepares for 50th School Tour

by May 25, 2024News

Fully Bright prepares for 50th School Tour

The Fully Bright team is making big celebratory plans as it approaches the fiftieth school on its Fully Bright school tour calendar.

Dr. Garth McDonald, Founder of the Fully Bright Foundation says, “The achievements of this initiative call for, not only increased national awareness, but the spirit of individuals to support the cause for a fully bright nation.”

“Fifty is important in any form, whether it is fifty years of long service as a dedicated worker or fifty years of marriage; likewise when we approach fifty years old.”

“Fifty represents the halfway mark of a century. This is encouraging and motivational to every member of the Fully Bright team.”

“This is also a time when we thank the Almighty for life, good health, and for giving us the opportunity to make life better for others.”

“Our team has been impacting lives ever since we rolled out our initiative at St. John’s Primary School, in February 2023.”

“We later covered some forty-five other schools, from infant straight up to high schools, across five parishes, including. Kingston and St. Andrew, St. Catherine and Clarendon.”

The Fully Bright boss explains that in addition to the usual programme at schools, this celebration will have students receiving 50 Fully Bright certificates and buttons in addition to attractive prizes from sponsors and awards to teachers.”

A Grammy Award-winning artiste is expected to share the special quest spotlight.

The Fully Bright team is hoping to visit at least another 30 schools during this academic year.

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