JENUiN praises Bounty Killer’s loyalty

by May 21, 2024News

JENUiN praises Bounty Killer's loyalty

JENUiN, the son of dancehall artiste Elephant Man, has vowed to use the experiences of Bounty Killer’s loyalty as a driving force in his music career.

The Seaviewite’s recent ‘Cyah Be Loyal’, a collaboration with artistes Geppi Don, Hot Vybes, and Lyan Turbo says “Bounty Killer’s inspiration will always be remembered.”

The song, produced by Richcode Music was released on March 24, 2024.

“For me, Bounty Killer is a driving and thriving force in whatever I do in my music career. One of my latest projects ‘Cyah Be Loyal’ has much to do with Bounty’s loyalty.

“When I think how much people are disloyal compared to Bounty, I have to emphasize how even family members are disloyal.”

Bounty Killer is not only true to JENUiN, but hundreds out there who have benefited from his loyalty, one way or another.

“I grew up in Seaview Gardens hearing so much about Bounty who was like an extended family member. He (Bounty) was connected to my father as he was part of the Scare Dem Crew at one time.”

“Bounty is quick to listen to my songs and as he listened his advice is to sing from the depths of my diaphragm so that my vócals are powerful and sustained.”

“He was never too busy to give a listening ear. His lessons have helped to make me more versatile and confident in music.”

JENUiN praises Bounty Killer for giving back to his Seaview Gardens community and outside institutions, like hospital.

“He complimented his ‘Book Book Book’ hit song with a number of computers to Seaview Gardens Primary School.”

JENUiN, born Ashanti Bryan, recorded his first song, ‘Loving You’ when he was nine years old.
“This was about a girl I met at Pleasant Valley Primary School. She was such a pleasant and sweet darling. Our friendship lasted throughout our childhood days.”

Since then he has recorded over 20 songs. “I started my career as Eletrunk recording songs like ‘Tired’, ‘Sweat’ and ‘Defence’.

“This name stayed with me until I was age 23 when I became Jenium and recorded about 10 songs. These include my very special ‘Angel Giving Birth’, ‘One Day’, ‘Sketch’ and ‘Guide My Steps’.”

He is now working on a dancing song titled ‘Wap’. “This song is expected to be out by summer 2024.

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