Lawyer joins Fully Bright school tour

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Lawyer joins Fully Bright school tour

Denniese Walker, a lawyer by profession, is the latest addition to the Fully Bright school tour team.

The Kingston-based attorney, who goes by the stage name Walker Daughter, has so far released three songs which she has been using as part of her presentations.

The first two, ‘Rise Up Young Men’ and ‘Weh Mi Fi Do’ are on the Bad Bull Production label. The other ‘Farming’ is on the Prolific label.

“I am so honoured to be a part of this dynamic Fully Bright school tour. Fully Bright is not only about entertainment, it’s a package with lots of value for teachers, students, and parents. I kept hearing so much about Fully Bright from the coordinator of this initiative that I finally decided to meet with him. We had a full discussion before making a firm decision.”

“As a lawyer, I have represented several incarcerated young men and am concerned about the life and the future of these young men. Somebody will have to do the job of preparing them for the future.”

“My first school tour was at Duhaney Park Primary on April 12, 2024. This was the school’s Career Day.”

Her message involved motivating the students to do their lessons and listen to their parents. She also gave them a background of her humble beginning; her parents were poor but hardworking.

“My mother would sometimes sleep in the Coronation market to take care of her ten children. I was never a top student having sat and failed the Common Entrance Examination three times.”

“I decided I wanted a profession and began burning the candles at both ends. I achieved a degree in Psychology and Sociology by studying on my own. Studied and passed my exams for my law degree. This lasted for four years.”

“I applied to Norman Law School for two years and was called to the Bar in 2013,” she shares

The Fully Bright school tour is an initiative of Dr. Garth McDonald aka Shaka Pow, founder of the Fully Bright Foundation.

His mission is to counteract the negative culture creeping into our schools and targets, mainly devotional exercises, Boy’s and Girl’s Day Career Day, and Graduations.

The order of presentation begins with Dr. McDonald’s motivational session, followed by three Fully Bright songs endorsed by Fully Bright dancers Wassdemm and Anna Thickaz.

The schools present items with the session climaxing with short performances with conscious music from artistes and the presentation of Fully Bright certificates, buttons, and bags.

The Fully Bright team has visited close to fifty schools since September 2023, with a target of at least another 30 schools for this academic year 2023 to 2024.

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