Reggae star Chyna Nicole releases “Royal Hearts” with legendary singer Mykal Rose

by May 26, 2024News

Reggae star Chyna Nicole releases “Royal Hearts” with legendary singer Mykal Rose

It seems, each and every year, as the weather gets warmer and the full embrace of summer is felt, new songs about love—and about relationships—begin to proliferate. And, with the just-released sweet, sweet, sweet song, “Royal Hearts,” by reggae star Chyna Nicole and legendary former Black Uhuru singer, Mykal Rose, this year is no different.

Just like Chyna Nicole’s no less impressive collaboration—earlier this year—with virtuoso singer and instrumentalist, Sizzla Kalonji, “Boom Love,” this new song “Royal Hearts” with Mykal Rose is destined to receive significant attention, appreci-love, and airplay by DJs and reggae fans worldwide.

Also, just like the song “Boom Love” with Sizzla, “Royal Hearts” is another back-and-forth—a call and response between lovers with a beautiful, melodious, and addictive chorus where Chyna and Mykal are singing: “Love, love, love, you can’t hide it. Love, love, love, you can’t deny it.”

About meeting Mykal Rose for the first time, in an interview conducted with the songstress recently for Reggae-Vibes, Chyna Nicole told me: “Well, I can tell you we met through my former manager who [has] played an instrumental role in my reggae journey. His name is Fitzroy Francis, aka ‘Mightyful13,’ aka [the] former road manager of Black Uhuru. And we were—Mykal Rose—I believe—did they have a show where it was a performance? I don’t remember, but it was in New York. And that’s my first time meeting him. And Fitzroy was like: ‘You gotta meet Mykal.’”

Chyna also explained that producer Andre Daley (aka Paul Daley), “is the one who gave me that opportunity—he invited me. He said, ‘I have a song with Mykal Rose—I’ve been trying to do a remake of it.’ He had the song already out before, like 20 years ago or so. And I was like, ‘Are you kidding me!? I’ve been trying to work with Mykal for forever, and we never could nail down something. I want to work with [Mykal]—of course I would do it.’”

Just like love—and how the arrival of summer often brings a bevy of new love songs—with musicians on “Royal Hearts” including legends such as drummer Sly Dunbar, Glen Browne on bass, Carol “Bowie” McLaughlin on keyboards, and Paul Crosdale on guitar, reggae fans won’t be able to—and they won’t want to— “hide” from or “deny” the power of this sizzling, sensational new song.

Mixed by Andre Daley and mastered by Gary O. Sutherland, this big tune will soon be available on all music platforms.

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