The Salmon (Kiddus I, Bazbaz, Tchiky) – The Salmon

by May 15, 2024News, Video

The Salmon (Kiddus I, Bazbaz, Tchiky) - The Salmon


Jamaican singer Kiddus I unveils his latest single, The Salmon, a song done in collaboration with pianist Bazbaz and guitarist Tchiky. Together, they have created a one-of-a-kind mix of 1960s rhythm & blues, electronic music, and reggae.

Kiddus I’s self-penned lyrics center on the comparison between a salmon’s arduous journey upstream to its birthplace to a man’s own struggles. This man, who reflects aspects of Kiddus I himself, is portrayed as an eternal rebel, a Rasta fighting against the challenges of Babylon in pursuit of a paradise lost. The Salmon serves as the title track of an album bearing the same name, set to be released this autumn.

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