Deejay Shaka Pow’s ‘Community’ video hits No.1

by Jun 27, 2024News

Deejay Shaka Pow's 'Community' video hits No.1
Dancehall reggae artiste Shaka Pow, known for hitting many sixes in his academic innings, was seen celebrating after his ‘Community’ video hit number one on BLack-er’s Top 20 Video Countdown chart.

The Fully Bright deejay, who has completed 48 innings in his Fully Bright school tour, had some fine words to describe his success.

“This is a great moment knowing how much that song means, to not only my team but people in general. ‘Community’ is loved all over the world because it endorses community responsibility, which includes love, unity and self-reliance.”

“Ever so often, we are reminded of the importance of our community and how we should work together for the good of all citizens,” he shares.

In Jamaica, governments over the years have stressed the importance of communities in nation-building.

Working together towards a common goal will help communities to become more resilient. Conversely, if each member of the community works in isolation for own personal gain the community becomes weak and fragmented.

Some of the benefits of helping each other include creating a sense of belonging and promoting unity within the community. It also helps develop patience, kindness, resilience, and other important qualities that can aid in personal growth and development.

According to the “Love God” deejay, “The song was done due to the personal loss of an artiste loved one. He (artiste) represents our own and in these trying times we really need as much support in our communities”

The concept of the song took root after the “Best Baby Father” artiste got the riddim (a remake of Shinehead’s popular ‘Strive’ riddim) This, owned by Digital One Productions is bouncy and has high energy for the listening ear. It is perfect to dance along.

The ‘Community’ video was shot in three communities, including Payne Land, and features the characters of a typical innercity community with its poverty and strong dancehall culture cemented by Fully Bright dancers Wassdemm and Anna Thickaz.

Black-er Music Top 20 Video Countdown Chart airs on FLOW cable. It is one of the most-watched countdown shows in Jamaica and the Caribbean, including Trinidad, Grand Cayman, and Barbados.

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