Shaka Pow is burning hot for summer

by Jun 5, 2024News

Shaka Pow is burning hot for summer
Dancehall artiste Shaka Pow, the Fully Bright doctor is burning hot for the summer. His song, ‘Fi Dah Summa Yah’, is among the hottest sounds in dancehall circles. It features a number of dancers, including Anna Thickaz and Pata Skeng.

Reggae Vibes caught up with the “Unconditional Lover” who is remembered for the collab with Abby Dallas, ‘No Ice Cream Love’, and this is how he shows his affection.

What is so unique about the song,’ Fi Dah Summa Yah’?
It is fun, modern, and clean. Hip without endorsing scamming.

How will you keep the song relevant after summer?
It is really geared fi the summer. But in Jamaica, every day a summer, it’s always warm.

How effective is the video?
Video has the chain. Energetic, glossy, and fun, when on a big screen at a party it shub up the vybez.

What else could you have done with the song?
Everything out a Jamaica is universal. One melting pot.

‘Fi Dah Summa Yah’ was recorded for YGP records at RMR studios, Mona Heights, Kingston, while the video was shot in the Payne Land community by G Mac.

Deejay Shaka Pow also seems to have found another key to success. One of his latest songs, ‘Dancing Is A Serious Thing’, is making serious rounds in the dance hall.

Some ten years ago The Outfytt Boss along with Samboni created ‘Rubba Bounce’ and it opened doors for several other songs.

Now, the Fully Bright Boss is paying homage to dancing icon Bogle who raised the level of creative dancing moves to unbelievable heights.

The “Love God” deejay explains that whenever he thinks about dancing his mind is not only set on entertainment as dancing is like a tree that bears several fruits.

Reggae Vibes caught the “Best Baby Father” after his son’s surprise party and got these responses.

What do you hope to achieve from this song, “Dancing is a Serious Thing?
I hope to achieve a global hit with people dancing to the cultural lead of Jamaica. I want to have the world dancing to this song.

How do you expect to get full attention from the song?
Keep promoting till the wheel falls off.

How many dancers do you pay tribute to?
Countless dancers, but still not enough as the new dancers don’t get the real endorsement.

How relevant is Bogle?
Bogle is the root. Ice is the stem, salute to every dancer

The song was recorded at RMR Recording Studios for DJ Mac Records, and (unofficially) released in the streets and social media tek it over.

The video of the song was shot in the cultural area of Downtown, Kingston. It is expected to be released in June 2024.

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