A’Legends prepares to strike like Hurricane Beryl

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A'Legends prepares to strike like Hurricane Beryl

For the past year, A’Legends has been a musical depression in the Caribbean. She was never ever seen to be a threat to the US, Canada, or the Caribbean.

Some forecasters say no record exists of a fashionista becoming a record-threatening producer. So, don’t watch her hype on the grounds of Philadelphia where she lives as she will never ever survive in the wider Atlantic Ocean.

Heavyweight producers like King Jammy of Jamaica may not even have heard her name. But, guess what? Grammy-winning producers like Delly Ranx have been ranking her among the possible storms in the region for 2024.

Naming her riddim ‘Bankx’ is relatable to flooding and this is what powerful hurricanes can bring, especially in flat areas.

She is certainly proud of her A’Legends brand, regardless of what her detractors keep thinking.

She may not be old enough to learn a trick or two from hurricanes Gilbert or Ivan, but she knows how long to remain in warm waters in the Caribbean basin.

A’Legends doesn’t like Haiti or is fond of Cuba for sure, and could stay clear on a part where reggae fans would most likely welcome her which would be Jamaica.

Point to any direction, and she is ready to whistle and rumble – from Morant Point in the east to the entire south, including Kingston, and from Portmore to Negril in the west.

Since last Christmas 2023, A’Legends has been rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers in the movie arena, including Cleon James. Some have been giving her more than tips to become more than a storm in the Caribbean.

She got her ‘Bankx’ riddim locked with:
Delly Ranx -Why Love You
Jinyus – Can’t Stop
Da’Ville-Only You
Xyclone x Bay-C feat. Zagga – Wull Heap
Kiprich – Darkness, all on the top 100 of iTunes Reggae Music Charts

Vershon’s ‘Zip It Up’ went number 1 on the iTunes Reggae Music Videos Chart and number 5 on the US iTunes Music Videos Chart beating Megan Stallion and Taylor Swift.

Talking about Swift, Beryl is not only as fast as lightning Bolt, she is the most unlikeable name in the Caribbean.

Due to record warm water temperatures for this time of the year, Beryl transformed from a tropical depression on Friday, June 28, 2024, to a tropical storm on Saturday upgrading to a hurricane hours later.

On Tuesday, July 2, the met. office was reporting that Hurricane Beryl could cause much damage to Jamaica. Some people are hoping she will shift course and be a nine-day wonder.

A’Legends is packing storm-force winds and is not expected to weaken. And trust me, whenever she strikes river will definitely come down Bankx to Bankx.

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