Heather Virgo is heading for a Big Hit

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Heather Virgo is heading for a Big Hit

Mention the name Virgo and your ears will likely be ready for some sentimental lyrics from Romain Virgo. That’s what he is remembered mostly for when he copped to the Digicel Rising Star competition back in 2007.

Now, there is another Virgo who is from that rich musical family. She is Heather Virgo, the producer of artistes, including Luciano and Ian Sweetness.

Armed with two solid riddims, ‘Edition’ and ‘Ionie’ (the latter named after her mother), Heather is steaming hot for the global market.

“I am not joking with the business (of artistes production). Heather will be staying ahead of the game in terms of respect and professionalism in the music arena.

“I will definitely throw those heavy punches which will keep me in the ring. And, I am not afraid to dethrone any of my male competitors.”

“I know good music because I am from a musical family and one who keeps abreast of the changes in music and the dyñamism of social media.”

One artiste who is part of her bragging rights is Jamaican-born Ian Sweetness. His contribution is titled, ‘She Fell In Love’ on the ‘Edition’ riddim.

“I have been following his progress on social media for years, posting my reactions to his music which include the ever-blazing fire. Ian is amazing. My views keep climbing and it’s clearly noticeable in parts of the world, including Africa,” she shares.

Heather’s ‘Edition’ riddim has other artistes and songs such as Singer Irie’s ‘Be This Way” féaturing Ras Irie, Ed Robinson’s ‘Just Wanna Love You’ and Archie Wonder’s ‘Chill’.

Her second riddim ‘Ionie’ (a tribute to her mother of that same name) has 14 blessed tracks including Shalom’s ‘Pharoah’, Matrixx’s ‘Control Of The People’, Roland Burrell’s ‘Life Over Vanity’ featuring Tugo 4 and Archie Wonder’s ‘Desire’.

Heather was born in Ulster Spring, Trelawny, the birthplace of International Olympic Star Usain Bolt.

“Bolt is the epitome of greatness which should inspire every Jamaican to strive for the star. I have drawn a lot of inspiration from his successes.”

Moving on to her journey, she recalled moving from Trelawny to Kingston where she attended Holy Trinity High School, then back to Trelawny.

“I was always in the performing arts, sometimes singing, dancing or giving advice.”

Migrating to Florida in 1995, she did not dampen her love for music as she got a taste of managing Singer Irie. “I found out there were a lot of young talented artistes out there who were so eager to shine and that many producers were not willing to make that sacrifice to put them through.”

Heather also has her fingers on the right production keys. She reminds us that “A good producer must have a clean ear for music, in addition to working alongside the artistes and the engineer, which means dialogue on both sides. Be willing to make the necessary adjustments so the end product includes great mixing and mastering.”

Heather is proud of her label Hit Melody Records (HMR). She is also optimistic that with determination her productions can be rewarded with not only Grammy nominations but “We are ready to walk the red carpet for the glorious Grammy Awards.”

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