Heather Virgo remembers the late Silkkey D

by Jul 10, 2024News

Heather Virgo remembers the late Silkkey D

Record producer Heather Virgo is desperately trying to come to grips with the sudden loss of Silkkey D who became a recent addition to her ‘Ionie’ 14-track reggae project.

Silkkey D, so called because of his silky smooth voice, was reportedly found unresponsive while tending his flowers at his home in Linstead. St. Catherine, Jamaica, May 16, 2024.

Since then his passing has been generating quite a buzz on social media, while radio disc jockeys have been rinsing his wide catalogue of music.

Heather is shocked! “I spoke to Silkkey D on Thursday, which is the day before he died (Friday). And, he was fine and bubbling with life. A mean, anything can happen within seconds but the news was shocking, to say the least.”

“Even after weeks, I am still trying to believe he is dead. That’s one word I want to forget at this time,”

“I love music and became in love with Silkkey D’s enormous talent as a singer. He has this rich voice which makes one want to keep listening, and whenever he pauses, one feels a sense of emptiness.”

“Silkkey D has that magic voice which can make anyone sit and wonder about how great and wonderful music is to the soul.”

“His entry on my ‘Ionie’ riddim, ‘Love You Tender’, is an interesting story. Sometime in mid-2023, I sent my ‘Ionie riddim’ which has a number of artistes except that of Silkkey D, to a disc jockey, D’Motivatah owner of N.I.E. Radio, New Jersey.”

“The disc jockey asked if Silkkey D was among the featured artistes and, if not, he should immediately join the project.”

“On receiving the riddim, Silkkey D assured me he would be giving me a bombshell, meaning a great song, and he did just that.”

“The song, he insisted, would compliment the project, and that was so true. People are just in awe whenever it is played and I know they are going to support him for a very long time.”

“Silkkey D is always concerned about my mom, and, whenever he calls, I can assure anyone he has at least a comforting word.”

“I will definitely be using my label Hit Melody Records to show the world how great a singer he is.”

Silkkey D, born Gary Thompson, loved his Linstead St. Catherine hometown. The young choir member had the attention of his community before he entered his teenage years.

He released his first song ‘Wine’, produced by Black Scorpio Studios in Kingston.

His song ‘Wrapped Up In Your Arms’, released in 2015, created a springboard for his first EP of that same name published by independent music label Black Tiger Music.

He reintroduced the ‘Wrapped Up In Your Arms’ single in 2015. This gave him more traction.

His other singles include, ‘When It A Go Betta’, ‘Prettiest Girl’ feat. Jigsy King, ‘Looking Good’ and ‘Dangerous’.

His fine voice has allowed several record producers knocking at his doors even at the time of his death.

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