Don Carlos – Peace And love

by Apr 3, 2017Artist, Reviews

Don Carlos - Peace And Love (Single)

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Title: Don Carlos – Peace And love

Label: Jus Time Records | Format: DR | Street date: April 3, 2017 | Website: Don Carlos


  1. Peace And Love
Whenever DON CARLOS presents a new release, it’s fulljoyment to the far reaches of Creation. “PEACE AND LOVE” is his brand new single. Musically urgent and lyrically potent, the Waterhouse messenger is at the top of the mountain with a project that’s a true Family affair…

Don Carlos(Euvin Spencer) has delivered his distinctive sound for over five decades now; a career deserving of an indepth book! Hailing from musically historic Waterhouse district of Kingston, he formally commenced his career with the initial incarnation of Black Uhuru in 1973. If one looks further, a youthful Euvin recorded some crucial sides in the ’60s like “Sweeter Than Wine”. After the huge impact of Black Uhuru’s “Love Crisis” a.k.a “Black Sounds Of Freedom”, he embarked on a hugely successful solo career(honorable mention to “Gold”; who added his touch on countless projects). In May 1981, he released his debut solo album, “Suffering”. An utterly powerful classic that rolled through like a storm! He’s never looked back and has endured and stayed the Rightful trod. Between 1982-85, he topped the charts on five occasions; getting to the Roots of the matter despite so many changes in the dance.

Between 1989-94, he rejoined Black Uhuru; a fruitful period that resulted in Billboard and Grammy considerations. Since then, Mr. Spencer has amassed a global following. This Roots ambassador attains one of the busiest tour schedules in the business and certifiably is one of the most photographed artists active today. He takes the time to interact with the massive everytime. These days, he’s backed by Dub Vision, a spot on California based riddim section. Every tree has its roots, some members are from the veteran Reggae Angels, who backed him after the second departure from Black Uhuru. A definitive California-Jamaica link; this reviewer recalls countless Don Carlos concerts in the region after the “Deeply Concerned Tour”. Yes, that beautiful album with the Rootsman sitting proudly on the banks of The Potomac River… His last album, “Changes” (2010), was a versatile set that was a brilliant mix of past, present and future vision…

“Peace And Love” is a family affair. Released on JUS TIME RECORDS, an independent label based in Portmore, JA. This rising label is owned and operated by Marlon and George “Geo” Spencer; family vibes across the board. Marlon is a truly committed producer who truly poured his Heart and Soul into the project. Countless hours were spent working alongside his engineer, Dekon, to get the lively riddim from The Mystical Revolution Band just right. Marlon is an example of a producer doing whatever it takes to get the levels just right. No rushings here. George wrote the track and is a veteran in the industry. He works relentlessly spreading his father’s works and other veterans in the business. Both ambassadors are active within the Portmore region; holding crucial events to bring unity in the community. Expect more heartical works from this well respected label. The local response to the single has been great and is gathering momentum across Creation. As Don Carlos tours this summer; this track has found its way into his playlist.

“Peace And Love” is Don Carlos in dynamic and triumphant style over a tight “Natural Mystic” riddim. Accentuated with solid brass, crucial licks and kicks; it’s a perfect musical backbone for his instantly engaging Waterhouse delivery. A poignant observation of worldly affairs and a necessary plea for unification in every nation. It has nuances of the urgency and serious matter of his “Deeply Concerned” masterpiece. This is a crisp and forward production with smooth clarity and vision. This song is also the title of his upcoming Africa tour. The last time he toured Mother Africa, 100,000 strong came out to witness him perform in Zambia. Totally beloved across Creation; there’s special Love from Addis Ababa to Cape Town…