Chuck Foster – Rebel Dub

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Chuck Foster - Rebel Dub
Chuck Foster

Release Info

Title: Chuck Foster – Rebel Dub

Label: Catch Me Time Records | Format: CD-DR | Street date: June 22, 2017 | Website: Catch Me Time Records


  1. Last Shall Dub First
  2. Dub Walking
  3. Give Dub A Try
  4. Hawaii To Jamaica Dub
  5. Homecoming Version
  6. Upfull Dub
  7. Dub It Up
  8. Changing Time Dub
  9. Hickabilly Jungle Dub
  10. Wheel And Turn Dub
  11. Boxcar Dub
  12. Rebel Dub
  13. This Dub Will Spin Your Head
  14. Refugees In Dub
  15. War And Peace Dub

The Reggae industry has numerous elements where committed ambassadors can excel at. Over the decades, we’ve seen singers do great things in the production seat. Artistes succeeding in music publishing…the list goes on. Chuck Foster is an industry veteran whose absolute talent flows across the board. From Radio to writing, engineering to producing and singing…MR.Foster has just released a truly engaging Dub project that complements his recent vocal set, “Last Call”. His tenth release in the last five years, “Rebel Dub” is a real deal Dub workout that cements his true vision of classic Dub theory with original intellect…

Chuck’s contributions to Reggae music are remarkable. From his Southern California outpost, he’s one of the pioneers of Reggae radio in the U.S..talking about 35 years now! Since 1997, he’s hosted “Reggae Central”(KPFK), an internationally regarded program. He was an active columnist for the celebrated “Beat Magazine”(one of the premier print publications that lasted many years). He authored the crucial, “Roots, Rock, Reggae”(Billboard,1999) , “Small Axe Guide To Rock Steady” for veteran Ray Hurford’s Muzik Tree(U.K) and numerous publications. In 2012, he embraced his early songwriting abilities with his vocal debut, “Perserverance”; received with global acclaim. Since then, he’s released a slew of vocal and Dub albums that rise from strength to strength.

CHUCK has recorded his previous albums with true veterans in the business and this continuation flourishes again. Rhythm Raiders/Soul Syndicate guitar Tony Chin lends his mastery. Tony Bird (Studio One/Channel One) on keys. These FOUNDATION musicians have helped to keep the Reggae runnings thriving in Southern California for years. U.K drummer Horseman came on board and is stellar. Longtime Rough Sounds veteran is Mike Irwin on bass, piano and melodica. The journeyman Rex Bailey on guitars and ukelele. Lai Hee flows on percussion and Chuck demonstrates his ability on guitar, harmonica and maracas. This collective truly flows in one unity. Produced by Chuck, this project was engineered by Mike with final mix by Chuck and Mike at the great Rough Sounds Studio in Redondo Beach.

“Last Shall Dub First” is a top grade treatment allowing all instruments to shine with slight Tubby’s nuances. These are musicians at the top of their craft. “Dub Walking” is a Dub delight where Tony’s bubbling shines bright; recalling Studio One classic “Freedom Blues”. Chuck and Mike allow the melodica and guitars to flow without trying to step outta Dub country. Boom! “Give Dub A Try” is a nicely stripped down Dub with a classic ’70’s approach. Horseman’s taut drumming is brimming indeed. “Hawaii To Jamaica Dub” is standout tracking. The vibes of both regions are intertwined just right with a granite tuff Dub excursion. Salute to Rex’s ukelele! Version galore on “Homecoming Version”; a booming track with Chuck’s humble vox floating just right and a drum and bass Respect with crucial guitar flecks from Tony. Rex’s ukelele is welcome here again. “Upful Dub” is just that. A bubbling excursion that extends the Dub branch a little more. All instruments in sync as we are stepping in the high regions of Dubwise country. “Dub It Up” takes up back to The Golden Age for sure. From Tony’s Jackie Mittoo caliber organ to serious melodica from Mike and Lai’s Heartical percussion, this is a true testament of classic Dub theory.

“Changing Time Dub” is ethereal in nature. The superb arrangements are in mixman strategy and total urgency. Instant rewinda! Versatile is the order of the day on “Hickabilly Jungle Dub”. All musicians delivering full energy; echoes of the early days of Reggae but mixed with originality and depth. Dash in Rex’s world class guitar and this is a great example of the project allowing each musician to have solo ventures in this musical unity. Brilliant!! “Wheel And Turn Dub” is one hard Dub. Nicely stripped down excursion that will have you “wheel and turn”. The excellence continues with “Boxcar Version”. A skanking track that displays the flawless riddim guitar mastery from Tony Chin, Mr. Bird’s limitless talent and the synchronicity of Horseman’s drum and Mike’s bass. In the perfect time, killer guitar solos with come in to elevate the vibes.

“Rebel Dub” is nice on the treble, reverb and echo chamber. The Dub partner to Chuck’s “Rebel Girl”, there’s flecks of Neil Fraser caliber vision here but the Dub vision of Chuck/Mike is balanced on originality. “This Dub Will Spin Your Head” is an apt title indeed. As NINEY would exclaim, “space flight to Mars!”. Well, this urgent excursion will elevate you with a rolling atmosphere and, once again, crucial guitar solos at the right time. Just a fantastic track!! “Refugees In Dub” continues on the right tracking. The right ingredients from the mixing board are dashed into a bubbling ital stew of musical mastery. Not too spicy, just nice! The closer, “War And Peace Dub” is a Dub pleaser. A textured musical triumph with echoes of Chuck’s vox and allowing the instruments to shine while letting Dub theory rub the rightful way.

Chuck Foster’s latest Dub offering is his finest to date. Presenting all original riddims with masterclass musicians offers many avenues to mix them up or mix down. Well, every track hinges on capturing classic Dub theory but there’s an original component omnipresent. “Rebel Dub” is tastefully crafted and doesn’t get bogged down with excessive mixing methods that can ruin great riddims. If you want a Dub set that is the perfect balance of riddim presentation intertwined with classic and original Dub vision; this is for you. Highly recommended. Go deh!