LYN – Debut

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Lyn - Debut
Lyn Gerald

Release Info

Title: Lyn – Debut

Label: Jet Star Music | Format: DR | Street date: May 26, 2017 | Website: Jet Star Music


  1. Everyday
  2. I Deserve You
  3. Secret
  4. You Don’t Get No Book
  5. People
  6. Red, Gold And Green
  7. Yes You
  8. Consumed
  9. Witness
  10. Carry Me Home (Lloyd Brown Remix)

The UK Reggae scene has been consistently brimming with releases of masterclass quality for decades now. From Roots Reggae to Lover’s Rock and all points between, the business holds its corner. 2017 is no exception to the continuation. LYN GERALD’s “DEBUT” is nothing short of amazing! With Royal veterans and rising talent putting out superb works, her full length offering shines as a musical gem and solidifies her journey from backing vocalist to a singer to be reckoned with for years to come…


Lyn is no newcomer to the music scene. She’s been working for years backing up the likes of Luciano, Slyvia Tella, Womack & Womack and many more. She’s done superb collaborations with the likes of Shara Nelson. The UK fraternity and maternity has taken notice, including the iconic Lloyd Brown, who produced “Debut”. Recordings took place at his lively Riddimworks Production House. Lyn is multi talented all the way; bringing her self penned tracks with basic riddim foundation intact. Lloyd and Lyn expertly finished building the tracks with the superb guitar work from Remmi Jaloor and flawless trumpet from veteran Patrick Anthony (Aba-Ariginals). The results are nothing short of amazing!


After listening to the opening bars of “Everyday”, one can sense something special is in the musical atmosphere. Over an engaging riddim elevated by Remmi’s vivid guitar licks, Lyn delivers an inspirational track about daily living. Her vocal range is limitless and full of emotion and soulful tones. Instant rewind! Lover’s Rock is still thriving and “I Deserve You” is an anthem with caliber equal to Janet Kay, Sandra Cross or Kofi’s finest moments. Yes, it’s that good. An engagement of the Heart with meaningful lyrics that resonate for sure. A lush riddim that flows just right and flecked with percussion and Patrick’s impeccable work. Lloyd presents these songs as lengthy tracks; a good approach that allows vocals and riddim the time to shine. Lyn touches on subjects not readily explored and “Secret” is a great example. Lyn explained, “my take on a woman accepting a situation which she finds out after falling in Love with a man who reveals he’s married. Scenario in which the woman is blamed”. A poignant track with Lyn soaring above a truly bubbling riddim. A totally original track, but it has the essence of the power of what Maxi Priest was delivering in the ’80’s. Remarkable tour de force!

Dynamic vision

Lyn’s dynamic vision continues with “You Don’t Get No Book”. Lyn noted, “for anyone becoming a mother and going from having a child to having a teenager and trying to hold onto the Love you have for them even though the trials they put you through”. This is an observant anthem that goes deep on all levels. Lyn’s delivery echoes true spirit and goes hand in hand with the crisp production and upstanding riddim that flows and flows. Standout selection! “People” is a granite tuff track. The riddim is Aswadesque with tight and crisp clarity. Lyn is in full vocal range and realistically observes the human condition of today. She has a vocal delivery that’s unique and original; a potency and flow that’s parallel with the aforementioned veterans alongside Louisa Marks and Adele Harley.


“Red, Gold & Green” is an exceptional song focusing on true heritage and having one’s Heart and Soul in the Rightful place. Infectious lyrics and riddim are the order of the day. Lyn displays a smooth display of her versatility that’s niced up with a Dubby mix and detonating trumpet blasts from Anthony. “Yes You” shows Lover’s Rock is in good hands. Lyn arranged this urgent track with ethereal harmony and Remmi’s bluesy guitar makes this a sure Fyah winner. This is the way real music should be presented! “Consumed” is a seamless vibration that has the all the elements of universal acceptance. Well, every track on this album is worthy of radio rotation and global appreciation.

Vocal range & lyrics

Once again, her vocal range is limitless and enthralling. Her lyrics have true sense of purpose and the musicianship is impeccable. “Witness” is a beautiful ballad that’s front and center display of her talent. A musical testament brimming with vision and a nice dash of strings for added dimension. Lloyd Brown has been producing for years now and his experience is evident throughout. Talking about his production expertise, it carries forth on “Carry Me Home (LB’s remix)”. A powerful anthem of Love and hope flecked with gorgeous guitar and nicely layered musical overtones. Lyn lays out pure Heart and Soul on this memorable song. Evident to hear that each track was well thought out and orchestrated on all levels.

Engaging album

LYN GERALD’s “DEBUT” cements her well deserved stance as frontline singer. To take the steps she took to do this solo project exemplifies her determination and incredible talent. Absolutely one of the most engaging albums of 2017 thus far; “Debut” has garnered critical acclaim and recognition in Europe and is worthy of international apprecilove. It originally appeals to the most discerning listener. The future is shining bright for this amazing talent. Don’t hesitate on “Debut”. Go deh!!

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