Mad Professor Meets Jah9 – In The Midst Of The Storm

by Aug 10, 2017Artist, Reviews

Mad Professor Meets Jah9 - In The Midst Of The Storm

Release Info

Title: Mad Professor Meets Jah9 – In The Midst Of The Storm

Label: VP Records | Format: CD-LP-DR | Street date: September 8, 2017 | Website: VP Records


  1. The I Of The Storm / Selassie I Dub
  2. Spiritual Woman Dub feat. Vaughn “Akae Beka” Benjamin
  3. Moth To A Dub
  4. Fountain Dub
  5. I Aware Dub
  6. Dub Prevail
  7. Strumming Dub
  8. Lioness Order Dub
  9. More And More Dub

As part of Record Store Day on April 22nd, 2017, vinyl and dub heads were able to purchase the limited-edition colored vinyl of Mad Professor Meets Jah9’s “In the Midst Of The Storm” exclusively at their local record shop. Almost four months later VP Records has released the cd version of that album.

“In the Midst Of The Storm” brings two exceptional talents and two generations of reggae artists together for the first time. The 2016 release of Jah9’s sophomore album entitled “9” was critically heralded as one of the most refreshing reggae albums of the year. And now, there’s a fully de-constructed, dubwise version of the album with nine newly recorded dub sessions from the eccentric UK dub master, Mad Professor.

Sonically the listener is treated to a diverse collection of dubbed up tracks; a dub extravaganza that most likely will have greater appeal to dub aficionados than to most fans of Jah9’s music. However they shouldn’t be reluctant at all to explore this authentic Ariwa dub rendition as they might be pleasantly surprised by the way Mad Professor utilized his studio wizardry for a remarkable dub remix of Jah9’s vocal album. From the awesome opener “The I Of The Storm / Selassie I Dub”, the album progresses with consistently excellent production value and originality. In particular tracks such as “Spiritual Woman Dub”, “I Aware Of Dub”,  “Lioness Dub” and “More And More Dub” are truly mindblowing, while “Moth Of A Dub”, “Fountain Dub”, “Dub Prevail” and “Strumming Dub” have an arresting dreamy quality. Even after repeated plays there’s always something new to discover, which overall makes this album such an intriguing and interesting listen.

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