New Kingston – A Kingston Story: Come from Far

by Aug 25, 2017Artist, Reviews

New Kingston - A Kingston Story: Come From Far
New Kingston

Release Info

Title: New Kingston – A Kingston Story: Come from Far

Label: Easy Star Records | Format: CD-LP-DR | Street date: August 25, 2017 | Website: New Kingston


  1. Come From Far
  2. Honorable & The Beast
  3. Starlight feat. Pressure Busspipe
  4. Browne’s Interlude
  5. Agape
  6. Stereotypes
  7. Meditation
  8. Solid As A Rock
  9. Reggae Music’s Playing
  10. Kingston Fyah Dub

Despite the release of three full length studio albums, including the highly acclaimed “Kingston City”, and their last year’s “Kingston Fyah EP”, Brooklyn-based New Kingston, a family group featuring brothers Tahir Panton (keyboards/vocals), Courtney Panton Jr. (drums/vocals), Stephen Suckarie (guitar/vocals) and their father Courtney Panton Sr (bass), is still waiting for a giant world wide breakthrough. This might happen with the release of their fourth album (and second with Easy Star Records), “A Kingston Story: Come from Far”. The latter, produced by the band with their longtime musical mentor and Grammy winner Fabian Cooke, is “a conceptual journey that tracks the personal histories, journeys, and current lives of the New Kingston family, transforming these stories into a seamless musical piece.”

Just like its predecessor, “Kingston City”, the ten tracked album with both new and known tunes, comes via Easy Star Records, which is known and respected for putting out quality reggae projects. The material on “A Kingston Story: Come from Far” puts on full display New Kingston’s very compelling and refreshing style. Things get started with the album’s first single “Come From Far”, a very interesting opener and a perfect tune to let the conceptual journey take off. Next comes one of the album’s highlights, the sterling “Honorable & The Beast”. A real killer that goes on repeat.

Pressure Busspipe joins the fun on the beautiful lovers piece, “Starlight”. Equally beautiful is the semi-acoustic “Agape”, which just like its preceding track impresses vocally and lyrically. “Stereotypes” incorporates a more aggressive sounding vocal delivery, which fits this message tune well. The solid “Meditation” rounds off a trio of tracks that musically carry the same kind of mood & vibe. With the very strong “Solid As A Rock” and then “Reggae Music’s Playing”, the family group follows the current trend of incorporating other styles/genres in reggae music. The album comes to an end with a hard hitting dubbed out version of the title track from the “Kingston Fyah EP”.

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