The Lambsbread – World Needs Love

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The Lambsbread - World Needs Love
The Lambsbread

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Title: The Lambsbread – The World Needs Love

Label: Adin-Nin Records | Format: CD-DR | Street date: July 21, 2017 | Website: The Lambsbread

  1. Thanks & Praise
  2. Soljahs Of JAH feat. Messenjah Selah/JC Subliminal
  3. Feel The Vibes feat. Morgan Heritage
  4. World Needs Love
  5. In The Streets
  6. Roots & Culture feat. Sizzla Kalonji
  7. Trodding
  8. Rise Up
  9. Righteous Throne
  10. Rising Sun
  11. Everything Will Be Alright
  12. Live & Be Strong
  13. World Peace Before 2021
  14. Heaven
The Hawaii Roots movement is bubbling hot like lava. The early works of legends like Ho’Aikane , Marty Dread and Butch Helemano paved the way for firmly Rooted artistes releasing works of the highest degree. Talking about Ooklah The Moc, Kali Navales, Roots Gwaan, The Heartical Crew, Dre Z and producers like Jah Youth and Jimmy Cui carrying forth true Fyah. Hailing from Maui, THE LAMBSBREAD, have been working constantly since 2003 with stellar albums. Their latest release, “WORLD NEEDS LOVE”, is a testament of their hard work and respect within the Roots community…

The Foundation of The Lambsbread is the unity of Kaya and Nadia Rathje, who formed the group in Kauai. They linked with Ras Elliott Leib and JAH D of the esteemed Zion High Productions label, which resulted in the chart busting “Love In The House” (“Liberation” riddim). They became the first Hawaiian Roots artist to have works pressed on vinyl in JA. Their acclaimed debut, “Sing Praise” was backed by ZHP collective and the likes of Santa Davis and Sky Juice. Nonstop touring throughout Hawaii and The West Coast ensued. The natural progression led to royal links with Ras Attitude, Lutan Fyah and Prezident Brown. Their sophomore album, “Salvation” (2006) includes collaborations with the aforementioned. “Mountain Top” w/Prezident Brown became another international favorite, riding the “Red Razor” riddim.

Their unwavering determination continued and resulted in the triumphant “Rise” (2009); an album that resonates to this day. Having linked with many notable producers, the messenjahs linked with Rumble Rock Recordz Jimmy Cui (a vibe that continues to this day). Jimmy produced a slew of Royal anthems; including “Jah Will Make A Way” and “Right Ting”. Raising a musically inclined family, Kaya and Nadia moved to the island of Maui and have kept their movements in full locomotion. In 2014, their fourth album, “Bring Them Together”, was strength on the international levels. Brimming with ace production from the likes of Jimmy Cui and the top respected Jah Youth (Jeffrey Bohler); the album received acclaim across Creation. THE LAMBSBREAD are indeed “The Royal Hawaiian Family of King’s Music”…

Their fifth album builds on the Roots momentum and Foundation that has been built by their previous albums. There’s so many crucial elements to consider here. Two of Kaya and Nadia’s son’s play a crucial part in creating these works. Jacob Selassie (keys) and Samuel Levi (drums) are 13 and 17 years young, respectively. This makes them arguably the youngest professional musicians in the business today. After listening to the album and sighting them perform on August 17, their JAH given talent is well beyond their years. These young Lions truly catch a vibe.

Over the years, this Divine group has worked with the best in the business, either in studio or stage. The veteran Chris Meredith (High Times Players, Ziggy Marley) adds Ites dimension on bass. Additional bass duties by Jimmy Cui, King Asad, Stephen Lashley, Yahred and Kana Pikini. The legendary Cat Coore (Third World) and Ras Bonitto (Bunny Wailer’s Solomonic Orchestra) are dynamic on guitar. Crucial licks from Ben Gerda, Sean Kaawa, Ronsen Aldosa, William Bunkley and Chewy. Besides Samuel Levi, taut drumming from Jimmy Cui (Royal knowledge of the industry!!) and David Simmons. Additional bubbling from Mr. Cui, Sean Kaawa and Stephen Lashley. The horn section of Tuner Horton and Abe Vandenburg nices up “Feel The Vibes”. The link continues with Jimmy Cui; with a masterful mix and master at his Rumble Rock Recordz Studio. The unity of legendary and rising Lion musicians is a seamless level from beginning to end…

Vibes alive on “Thanks & Praise”. A Niyabinghi driven rocker with Kaya’s smooth yet confident delivery in accord with Nadia’s ethereal backing vox. Chris’ bass work is hypnotic and Jacob (also crucial on flute/horn) with Samuel Levi making solid riddim impact. The Lambsbread’s albums have been elevated with crucial combinations alongside other messenjahs. This album attests to this Lion paw imprint. “Soljahs Of Jah” features Messenjah Selah and JC Subliminal with Ites results. Over a lyrics to riddim flow evoking the vibes from the “Salvation” album, the two Lions inject total urgency to this engaging anthem. So beautiful how Kaya and Nadia complement one another like two streams leading into a flowing musical river. Boom! Chartbusting territory in full effect on “Feel The Vibes” with Morgan Heritage (another true Family of Reggae Music). Recorded when the group passed through Hawaii; this tuffest track has received airplay and recognition like pure Fyah. The riddim is a taut anchor that both families stand firm on. A true ode to the fulljoyment of Reggae Music, both groups deliver in their own original style and results in “instant rewinder” category.

The Lambsbread has a consistent talent to build songs that appeal universally. The title track is a pulsating observation of worldly tribulations. Once again, Chris’ bass is masterclass with the youth man riddim section in full effect. Kaya flows naturally with manners that really makes the listener pay full attention. Crisp and Dubwise mix by Jimmy. Standout selection!! “In The Streets” is a Dread affair with singers and players on the Rightful levels. Roots music presentation with no reservation; possesses a live feel that abounds throughout the album. Another bonafide anthem. Sizzla Kalonji brings his Judgement Yard vibrations to heaps of great releases. The veteran shines on “Roots & Culture”; an unapologetic stance to stand firm against wickedness regardless. Ras Bonitto’s guitar work is impeccable on this Royal message that showcases the abundance of vision both artists carry forth. The flawless riddim is intoxicating and essential. These Lambsbread youth are true souljahs of riddim. Boomshot! “Trodding” is forward progressions of King’s Music. Kaya delivers in a Fyah chanting style with lyrics of substance. Has the power of their monster hit, “Mountain Top” (w/Prezident Brown from 2006). No carbon copy; just an original meditation to stand firm in this time.

The positive movements continue with “Rise Up”. THE LAMBSBREAD have followed the teachings of His Imperial Majesty for many years and their true Love and Respect reflects in their pertinent messages. Over a textured riddim, Kaya and Nadia deliver a true message of hope, faith and prosperity. “Righteous Throne” is a Heartical ode with great backing from Fishback and Alfredo Peralta. Both singers display their vocal range with a bubbling fountain of total Love and Respect for H.I.M. Serious lyrics!! “Rising Sun” is sound system ready. A Heartical Island atmosphere rides along with observant lyrics and taut riddimwise. Respects in all aspects! “Everything Will Be Alright” is a resounding Lover’s ballad that shows versatility indeed. Cat Coore’s intricate guitar licking keeps the vibes ticking. One can sense the Love that the two singers have for one another. Beautiful from the first note to the last drop. Boom!

Anthemwise is in full effect on “Live & Be Strong” with Samuel Levi handling all instrumentation like a true veteran. Kaya has more of a seasoned delivery; akin to the late, great Ras Trevy Felix (Boom Shaka). Bin shaker with great mix from Jimmy at the controls. “World Peace Before 2021” is an Ites track derived from inspiration from one of The Lambsbread’s youth. A realistic vision that touches on pertinent issues that require remedy. A hook, line and sinker track with catchy arrangements. Solid as a rock! The album closes with “Heaven”; a deeply Rooted meditation-“you could live a good life, just change your ways”. Thoughtful lyrics throughout over the Niyabinghi driven musical backbone. Divine inspiration for all people on Creation.

THE LAMBSBREAD’s “WORLD NEEDS LOVE” is an essential album bound in positivity, reality and livity. Each album has had a unique and original vibration and their fifth release is natural progression. Their catalogue is bound by truth and conviction but their ability to link with a Royal roll call of the best in the business allows pure engagement of Heart and Soul. Veterans of touring, they are ready to spread their message across Creation with the Family vibes of this Royal unity. Highest recommendation. Go deh!