Payoh SoulRebel – Sweet Music

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Artist, Reviews

Payoh SoulRebel - Sweet Music
Payoh SoulRebel

Release Info

Title: Payoh SoulRebel – Sweet Music

Label: Cool Up Records | Format: DR | Street date: September 8, 2017 | Website: Cool Up Records


  1. Sweet Music

Spain has proven to be fertile ground for homegrown talent. A growing number of artists, producers and record labels are becoming houshold names in the international reggae scene. The latest branches on the reggae tree are Cool Up Records, a brand new label formed by Alameda Sound and Legalize Sound from Seville, and the artist Payoh SoulRebel. The collaboration between the latter and Cool Up Records has led to the release of a first single entitled “Sweet Music”.

Underpinned by a great sounding roots riddim, sweet-voiced Payoh SoulRebel sings about the sweetness of music and its healing power in our lives. “Sweet Music” is a well-produced captivating tune, one that goes on repeat. Also noteworthy is the unique design of the single’s cover, created by the illustrator Mr John Vanilla, who is inspired by comics and the traditional Jamaican reggae albums covers. This single is actually a sneak peek of which would be the very first album of Payoh SoulRebel, exclusively produced by Cool Up Records and due for release in January 2018.

Cool Up Records makes a much promising start with their first release. From September 2017, they will be releasing one single a month, including a staggering amount of artists outta Spain including Lasai, King Konsul, Tunelon Iration, Burian Fyah, Jay Smilee, Malaka Youth, Coronel Brown, El Guerrero Kiniman, and Punaman, plus international artists like Dark Angel (UK), Longfingah (Germany), and Virtus (Italy).