Pressure Busspipe – Red Rose

by Sep 1, 2017Artist, Reviews

Pressure Busspipe - Red Rose
Pressure Busspipe

Release Info

Title: Pressure Busspipe – Red Rose

Label: Jalpo Records / Busspipe Records | Format: CD-DR | Street date: November 2, 2016 | Website: Pressure Busspipe


  1. Red Rose
  2. Time Is the Master
  3. Once Again
  4. Lost Without You
  5. No Worry Yourself
  6. Woman of the Nile
  7. Like It Is
  8. Moments
  9. All I’m Thinking Of
  10. Nobody
  11. Dub Rose
  12. Dub I’m Thinking Of

Although US Virgin Islands native Delyno Brown aka Pressure Busspipe made a giant breakthrough in 2007 with the Donovan ‘Don Corleon’ Bennett produced massive lovers hit “Love And Affection”, he became best known as the conscious artist who delivers noteworthy roots songs. Pressure Busspipe possesses the remarkable ability to intersperse thunderously righteous chants with incredibly sweet and soft vocals. It’s this full spectrum of vocals that enables this fine artist to come up with romantic songs that resonate with fans of love songs and lovers rock as he has proven in the past with tunes like e.g. “Your Love”, “Love U Tonight”, “Let Me Love You” and “Coming Back For You”. So it was only a matter of time to see him release an album chock-full of love songs.

And with the 12-track “Red Rose” album, the follow-up to the 2014 released “The Sound”, Pressure Busspipe has finally recorded an album with lovers tunes that, without any doubt, will please all romantic souls and in particular his female fans. No need to convince all those who fondly remember the R&B swagger “Love And Affection” (who doesn’t?!), that Pressure Busspipe is the right artist to do such a project.

“Red Rose” is absolutely great lovers material, underlining that “Love And Affection” was no ‘lucky shot’. It’s obvious that throughout the years Pressure Busspipe has developed and crafted his game when it comes to love songs to be top-notch. Songs such as the opener and title track “Red Rose”, “Time Is The Master”, “Once Again”, “Lost Without You”, “Woman Of The Nile”, and “All I Am Thinking Of” across Zion I Kings’ “Lifetime Riddim” reign supreme and are sugar candy for the ears. A somewhat odd choice is the inclusion of two dub versions at the end of this set, although “Dub Rose” and “Dub I’m Thinking Of” do sound real nice.