Benjammin – Sons & Daughters

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Benjammin - Sons & Daughters

Release Info

Title: Benjammin – Sons & Daughters

Label: A-Lone Productions | Format: 7″ Vinyl Single | Street date: November 15, 2017 | Website: A-Lone Productions

    1. Single ARK7-006


  1. Sons & Daughters
  2. Sons & Daughters Dub
The unstoppable Spanish musical genius Roberto Sánchez is making the end of the twentieth anniversary of A-Lone Productions a very special one. Not only has he finished Alpheus’ highly anticipated brand new album (due for release soon), he also has two other projects in the pipeline which are preceded by 7″ vinyl releases. Next to the Clive Matthews singles “Never Too Late” and “Jah Live”, which will be part of the Jamaican singer’s forthcoming album, there’s also the single “Sons & Daughters”, actually the title track of Benjammin’s upcoming ‘Showcase’ album.

Born in Brighton UK, singer/sax player Ben Stobbart aka Benjammin (also spelled Ben Jammin’) is living in Barcelona for more than 20 years now. This famous city in Spain’s Catalan region has the largest reggae community of the country. It has a good sound system culture with dancehall and roots and culture ‘sounds’ all over the city. Regarded as long time veteran, Benjammin is part of the Barcelona reggae scene, that has grown considerably in the last decade. Since he started recording, the roots reggae MC & singer has delivered some noteworthy tunes including “Be Wise” and “No Reason” (Black Tide, 2006), “Money Talks” and “Real” (Pirates Choice 2008/2009), “Mexican Bean” (Mungo’s Hi Fi, 2008), “Spring Soon Come” (A-Lone Productions, 2008), “Sunshine Street” (Vineyard Records, 2010), “Rich Get Richer” (Dreadrive Muzik, 2013) and “Adapt To Survive” (Roots & Fyah, 2013).

The quality of Benjammin’s singing and lyrics can once again be fulljoyed when listening to the gorgeous roots piece “Sons & Daughters”, which has been expertly recorded and mixed at A-Lone Ark Music Studio by Roberto Sánchez and backed by Lone Ark Riddim Force. Further entertainment is offered by “Sons & Daughters Dub”, a worthy version of the riddim which showcases the great skills and talent of Roberto Sánchez and the Lone Ark Riddim Force.

After having heard this 7″ vinyl, we await with bated breath for Benjammin’s full length album “Sons & Daughters”.


  • Benjammin – Sons & Daughters + Dub