Alborosie – Soul Pirate Acoustic

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Alborosie - Soul Pirate Acoustic
Jahvie of The Tuff Lions

Release Info

Title: Alborosie – Soul Pirate Acoustic

Label: Baco Records | Format: CD/DVDDR | Street date: December 1, 2017 | Website: Baco Records


  1. Diversity
  2. Herbalist
  3. Black Woman
  4. Police
  5. Still Blazing
  6. Kingston Town
  7. Rastafari Anthem
  8. Kingston Ton
  9. Johnny B. Good

DVD From The Studio

  1. Black Woman
  2. Diversity
  3. Herbalist
  4. Kingston Town
  5. Police
  6. Rastafari Anthem
  7. Still Blazing
  8. Interview

Since he relocated to Kingston, Jamaica in 2001 an then drew attention world wide with his 2006 breakthrough single “Herbalist”, Sicily-born Alborosie aka Puppa Albo has firmly taken his place in the reggae arena. His first studio album, “Soul Pirate – European Tour 2008 Limited Edition”, contained 18 fine tunes of real authentic reggae music and included the blazing hit tunes “Herbalist”, “Kingston Town”, “Rastafari Anthem” and “Waan The Herb”. 7 years later, in 2015, Alborosie unleashed “Soul Pirate – DeLuxe Remastered Edition”, which contained the original 18 tunes plus 4 bonus tracks.

And now there’s his third “Soul Pirate” release, featuring very special acoustic versions of 7 hand-picked tracks of the original album plus “Kingdom Of Zion” and his never before released rendition of Peter Tosh’s “Johnny B. Good” (originally a Chuck Berry tune). On this project Alborosie is accompanied by his background singers Sandy Smith and Kemar Williams, drummers Dave ‘Primetime‘ Green, Denver Feluké Smith & Lloyd Mclennon, Aeion Hoilett & Carlton Anthony Jarrett on bass, Valter Vincenti & Omar ‘Jallanzo’ Johnson on electric and acoustic guitar, keyboardists Andres Lopez & Riccardo Ciaramellari, and Lorenzo Fontana on flute.

“Soul Pirate Acoustic” starts off with an amazing heart touching version of “Diversity”, a compelling prayer to his spiritual guide Haile Selassie. Although “Herbalist” is one of those tunes you’ve probably heard a thousand times, it’s even in an acoustic setting still a pleasure to hear this anthem, which back in 2006 was banned on Jamaican radio by the authorities for glorifying ganja. “Black Woman” sees Alborosie giving praises to the ’empress’, while also the great acoustic version of the popular song “Police” (Alborosie’s speech to the police officer) still reminds of Black Uhuru’s classic tune “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner”. Next comes the impressive “Still Blazing”, followed by sublime versions of the hit tunes “Kingston Town” (with its infectious ‘skibbelly, dum dum, skibbelly dum dum’ hook) and “Rastafari Anthem”. Then we’re treated to the awesome “Kingdom Of Zion”, a intriguing track with dubbed up samples of Barry Brown’s ‘If you a wicked man you cannot enter the kingdom of Zion’ and an haunting atmosphere. Things are nicely rounded off with “Johnny B. Good”.

The CD is accompanied by a DVD entitled “From The Studio”, which focuses on the records in Jamaica and some very intimate interviews with Alborosie.