Mojiba Ase – 11:11 Reflekshon Of Count Ossie

by Dec 14, 2017Artist, Reviews

Mojiba Ase - 11:11 Reflekshon Of Count Ossie
Mojiba Ase

Release Info

Title: Mojiba Ase – 11:11 Reflekshon Of Count Ossie

Label:  Reality Shock |Format: CD-DR |Street date: September 23, 2017 |


  1. Give Thanks
  2. Rockfort
  3. What We Are Taught
  4. I Am
  5. Rubba Dub Love
  6. One Perfect Love
  7. Fear Murderer
  8. Rastafari Know
  9. Cyaan Work
  10. Prayer
  11. Let It Out
  12. Life

COUNT OSSIE (Oswald Williams). From his early runnings in the late ’50’s up Warieka Hill to The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari and the ground shaking “Groundation”(1973), his movements firmly shaped the Roots and branches of King’s Music. His legacy continues in manifestation. His daughter, MOJIBA ASE, has just released a powerful debut full length strength, “11:11 REFLEKSHON OF COUNT OSSIE”. A superb vision of a JA-UK culmination…


Mojiba Ase(aka Moji or Count Ossie Pickney) is a majestic talent on many levels. Raised in Kingston and spent time in New York, her Royal aspects are numerous. A great author, she released “Amowode”(poetry book from 2007) and contributes to numerous publications. Firmly rooted in the industry, she has appeared in music videos by Tarrus Riley, Nature, Richie Spice, Stevie Face, I Wayne and many more. She maintains Self Love healing workshops throughout Jamaica. An Empress whose firmly embedded in the runnings and prospering all the while. A dynamic live presence, she’s ignited the stage throughout JA with her poignant Dub poetry and also with Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari. Her recent EP, “Black Rasta Woman” is a great insight into her talent. The future is bright for this member of one of the original Royal Family of King’s Music…


Mojiba collaborated with some committed talent in Jamaica and UK. The stunning set is musically bound by her father’s timeless riddims and crucial arrangements by Kris Kemist; the UK producer who made Reality Shock Records one of the most consistent in the business. Mojiba voiced her majestic verse at Mikey Bennett’s Grafton Studio (Kingston) with great engineering from Sheldon Jones. Kris built some crucial riddims with contributions from trumpet master Tribuman, guitarists Bobby Murphy and Patrick Williamson alongside percussion from Solomon Browne. The “kemist” mixed and mastered the tracks with his crisp touch. Honorable mention to Roots ambassador RAS NIK, executive producer for this debut. His love and devotion of King’s Music is heard weekly on his long standing Liberated Radio show, brimming with indepth interviews and solid selections.


“Give Thanks” opens this musical testament with manners and respect. Mojiba heartically exalts pure gratitude to The Most High with a poetic flow that resounds with consciousness and poise akin to Dub poets like Jean “Binta” Breeze, Elaine Thomas and word power of Michael Smith and Mutabaruka. No riddim needed here, her meditations stand firm. “Rockfort” is a glorious vibration. Recalling the Jazz and Niyabinghi vibrations from Count Ossie’s “Groundation”, Moji recalls her humble upbringing with a firm and compelling delivery. Her ability to bring the listener to her days in Rockfort is amazing. “A head on collision stopped his ignition”… depicting her father’s passage home to Mt.Zion in 1976. There is undiluted truth, warmth and absolute reality embedded in her poetic power. Standout selection!! “What We Are Taught” continues Count Ossie’s Zion tones with Mojiba in total accordance. “Minds are oblivious to what they create and control”. The Niyabinghi driven riddim is the ital platform that this truly gifted Dub poet unapologetically flows on the deceptions that mystery Babylon tries to wash the mind with. Word, sound have power!!


This Empress is blessed with total inspiration from The Most High; serious reasoning. The bond of Father to Daughter is unbroken throughout this captivating project. “I Am” utilizes another timeless Count Ossie musical movement with infinite Love. Mojiba triumphantly explains her Zion mindset with a caliber that recalls Mutabaruka’s “Walking On Gravel”. A Spiritual event that beckons repeated listening. “Rubba Dub Love” is sure Fyah and displays her versatility. Backed by Kris, Bobby Murphy and angelic harmony by Amelia Harmony, it’s only natural that Gabre Selassie(Dub Club – Kingston) had this in heavy rotation. Mojiba delivers inna crucial and conscious Dancehall style with lyrics of importance and intelligence. Kris and crew create a boom riddim and top grade mix. Heavy stereo required! “One Perfect Love” continues the versatility with a textured Kris Kemist/Solomon Browne riddim. “It is patient, it is kind”. A perfect exaltation of the Divine aspects of LOVE. Her dynamic flow intertwines perfectly with the superb riddim.


“Fear Murderer” continues the essence of Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari in fine style. On top of the lilting and Jazzy riddim, Mojiba displays her vision truly. “I murdered fear unapologetically… I am the judge and jury”. This is a totally original and poignant Lioness imprint. “Rastafari Know” is a shining star in the musical atmosphere. Three the true way. Mojiba links with her daughter Genesis and the true veteran Cashima Steele (a multi talent brilliant on the mic and production chair; with major productions with the late, great Lincoln “Sugar” Minott, Icho Candy and many more). Riddim solid by Kris and Tribuman, mother and daughter in Divine connection alongside Cashima’s powerful and resonating reasoning. Pure anthem with masterclass mix by Kris. Another brilliant standout selection! “Cyaan Work” continues the majestic stepping. Mojiba flows like the River Nile and possesses word smith skills that goes the mile. A hypnotic and textured track from lyrics to riddim. Boom!

Poetic power

“Prayer” is essential. The breath of her father’s riddimatic vision ebbs and flows alongside Mojiba’s Heartical words of wisdom, upliftment and strength. Zion in a vision? Yes, indeed! “Let It Out” is what the massive will be talking about. A powerful poem calling one and ones not to suppress emotions and circumstances and express such feeling. Powerful poetic message for all of Creation. “Life” transcends all musical boundaries. “What is Life if you’re not caring and sharing”…”breathing is living”. This is an artist who lives Life as she exalts on this superb project. Dash in a crucial Kris/Patrick Williamson riddim and an absolutely pertinent message is delivered. Poetic power that will be remembered for all times.


It’s honorable and Rightful for a daughter or son to carry on their parent’s works. Marla Brown, Andrew Tosh, Kevin Isaacs and many more are carrying on the works in fine style. MOJIBA ASE has carried on her father’s legacy with remarkable clarity and clear view vision. Pure Love, Reality and deep meditation abounds throughout this stunning debut that humbly keeps tradition intact. One of the more mind opening and Spirit stirring albums of 2017.


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