Natty Nature – Country Living Showcase

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Natty Nature - Country Living Showcase
Natty Nature

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Title: Natty Nature Meets Bass Culture Players – Country Living Showcase

Label: Lafamille Music | Format: CDDR | Street date: November 28, 2017 | Website: Bass Culture Players

  1. Easy Country Living
  2. Alteration Version
  3. Just Like Mama Told Ya
  4. Dub Like Mama Told Ya
  5. Find The Silver Lining
  6. Dub the Silver Lining
  7. Worldwide Crisis
  8. Dubwise Crisis
It all started 20 years ago, after hearing Basque Dub Foundation’s debut album “Sustraidun Roots Dub”. Since then the interest in Roots Reggae produced in Spain as well as the admiration started to grow to higher heights, especially because it often brought back the much loved atmospheric sounds of Roots Reggae’s golden era. By now releases such as BDF’s “BDF meets Loud & Lone” and “Roots Melodies”, Rampalion’s “Songs ‘Bout Love and Fight” and “Inside The Kete Heart”, and of course a notable amount of albums recorded and/or produced by Roberto Sánchez with veterans like Earl Zero, Milton Henry, Earl 16, The Viceroys, Noel Ellis, Alpheus, and Vincent Morgan have been given a special place in our Reggae collection.


And now there’s an 8 tracks EP-album in a showcase style (4 vocal cuts + 4 dub versions) from Bruno Ferrero aka Natty Nature, a singer, toaster and MC from the Mountains of Madrid, Spain, whose heavy influences range from Roots Reggae to Steppas. This young talented artist has been performing alongside Jimmie Dub Troubles and many other Spanish and French collectives. He is part of the Gudari Dub collective and Madrid’s Nu School Steppas sound system, which is run by himself and his brother.


For the “Country Living Showcase”, Natty Nature has teamed with Bass Culture Players. The latter is a roots music project from Madrid with Puppa Shan’s production being the keystone. Heavily influenced by the ’70s and ’80s Roots Reggae sound of Jamaica, he composes riddims for which he brings in some of Spain’s best Reggae musicians. These include “General” Soria & Pablo “Bassman” on bass; Drummie Jr on drums; “Javibi” Martín Boix on lead guitar; Santi Mijarra on percussion, pianos, synths, rhythm guitar; Flub Hz on tenor sax; Carmen Martínez on trumpet and Alejo Peloche on trombone. Music production takes place at the Discoinferno Studio, using analogical equipment, traditional techniques and live played riddims.


The four vocal cuts and their dub counterparts featured on Natty Nature’s first solid project are an entertaining experience throughout. Pure ear candy!!! Absolutely delightful are the expertly done dub tracks, showing that the skilfull Pupa Shan, just like the esteemed Roberto Sánchez, belongs to the premier league of Spanish engineers/producers. Bass Culture Players have provided Natty Nature with three original riddims and a relicked version of Alton Ellis’ “Alton’s Official Daughter”, a Herman Chin Loy produced top tune from 1972. The young singer brings a fresh vocal and artistic vibe on top of the riddims, while lyrically he also makes a decent impression.

The upful sounding “Easy Country Living” is a great opener, one that instantly caresses your eardrums. Next comes “Just Like Mama Told Ya”, a strong message tune. Listen to the tune superficially and the riddim may just dazzle you a bit away from the message, but you simply need to absorb the actual lyrics of this song. With “Find The Silver Lining”, Natty Nature delivers another worthy song full of consciousness, before the reality tune “Worldwide Crisis”, across the aforementioned relicked version of “Alton’s Official Daughter”, brings one of the better Roots Reggae EP’s of the year to an end. REWIND & COME AGAIN!!

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