Tony Chin – Live In Paradise

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Tony Chin - Live In Paradise
Tony Chin - Live In Paradise

Release Info

Title: Tony Chin – Live In Paradise

Label:  Trade Mark Productions |Format: CD-DR |Street date: October 26, 2017 |


  1. Live In Paradise
  2. Pretty Little Thing
  3. Family Love
  4. Uptown Babies Don’t Cry
  5. Baby Come Rock Me
  6. Pure Lies
  7. Tell Me Darling
  8. What A Good Man Is
  9. Everybody Needs Love
  10. Stereotype
  11. We Want Justice
  12. Don’t Give Up
  13. Another Rising Sun
  14. Please Forgive Me

Tony Chin

In his humble trod, Albert Valentine “Tony” Chin (TONY CHIN) has sculpted the progression of Reggae music for forty years now and his absolute passion for the integrity of King’s music keeps him consistent to this very day. His unwavering vision is on full display with the release of his fourth solo project, “LIVE IN PARADISE”. All points of the musical compass are presented with Royal manners and respect…

Countless hits

Born in Kingston and raised in Trenchtown and Greenwich Farm, he began his career during the Rocksteady era. An integral element of Soul Syndicate Band (w/Fully Fullwood, Santa Davis, Chinna Smith and many more); a majority of 1970s greatest musical runnings were courtesy of this flawless ensemble. Tony’s impeccable guitar work had him working with The Aggrovators and Jack Ruby’s Black Disciples also. By the mid ’70s, he created the “flyers” riddim guitar style that Bunny Lee utilized on countless hits. Mr. Chin worked with virtually every notable producer; from Lee Perry to Duke Reid to Niney and Joe Gibbs. He’s created music for such luminaries as Dennis Emmanuel Brown, Max Romeo, Ken Boothe, Big Youth, Mighty Diamonds… the list is endless.


The music master relocated from Kingston to California in 1981 and quickly sharpened Reggae runnings across the nation. He linked with Jack Miller outta the gate and continued with works the MASSIVE still appreciate. His love of music was exemplified further with his impactful connection to San Diego based Big Mountain. His arrangements absolutely elevated the band’s success for years to come. These days, he is fulljoying consistent live events throughout Southern California with Fully and Santa; a bond that’s bound with absolute respect. He’s never forgotten his humble beginnings and assists with many artists in the region. Creating music in his Lion’s Den Studio, Tony has released a slew of superb solo albums like “Music & Me”, “Jamaican Classics Vol.1” and the killer “Universal Love”. Currently, he’s working on a highly anticipated new Soul Syndicate album and an upcoming “Jamaican Classics” project. Yes indeed, this man is a master guitarist and his vocal delivery ranks with those that he aptly backed in the ’70s. A skilled craftsman of all aspects of the industry..

Tony Chin – Live In Paradise

Natural livity

The title track (and first video from the album) is stunning in lyric to riddim flow. On top of a Soul Syndicate caliber riddim inflected with his infectious guitar, Tony heartically observes the perils of city life and the beauty of natural livity. He has a soulful gesture with a falsetto immediacy that’s brilliant. Anthem! “Pretty Little Thing” is amazing! You want Lovers Rock? Right here front and centre. His soulful delivery is superb that glides with Fully’s lilting bass, Sahara’s angelic harmonies and his engaging licks. Instant rewind again and again!

History recalling

Sweetest vibes on “Family Love”. An unique vocal approach; evokes memories of the fantastic harmony trio FOUNDATION. An engaging music backbone with observance of absence of Love in this time. Tony’s guitar theory goes beyond musical boundaries; an expression of Heart and Soul exudes from his plucking. History recalling on “Uptown Babies Don’t Cry”. A highlight from Max Romeo’s “War Ina Babylon” that’s interpreted with his true experience. Tony exalts equal power as the original; elevated by horn blasts and Leon’s rolling percussion. Standout!!


“Baby Come Rock Me” is sheer delight. Recalling The Golden Age with Dancehall tight and infectious falsetto and some serious deejay chat that’s strictly boom shot! The horn section of Cedric and Skabone is sky high. “Pure Lies” shows the versatility of this veteran. Strictly Dancehall, Tony can chat with the best of them! ORIGINAL something that’s heavy duty. “Tell Me Darling” is a crucial revisit of the Jackie Edwards classic. Tony has total love and respect for the singers that came before him in every aspect. He sings with sweet Soul and energizes the riddim tight track with a deejay style echoing the style of U Roy. Pleasing for all seasons!

Ska soaked gem

“What A Good Man Is” is a killer track initially released as a single in 2015. A granite tuff atmosphere with signature Fully/Santa backbone, Tony flows sincerely and delivers some truly tasty licks. This man can sing! “Everybody Needs Love” continues the Blessed element of Love. Riding The Wailer’s “Waiting In Vain” riddim, this anthem shines so bright!! His inviting and sincere vocalisms continue to mesmerize throughout this tour-de-force. Grand display of his song arrangement/writing skills that have graced the rich musical history of King’s Music. One of Tony Chin’s finest vocal outings!! “Stereotype” is a Ska soaked gem. A might observation of the negligence of people’s mindset. This is real deal Ska with lyrics full of purpose. One can sense the fulljoyment of these sessions. Real authentic sounds.

Blessed ode

“We Want Justice” is a reality anthem of the Highest degree. Tony delivers in a Rootical manner with a taut riddim complete with some crucial guitar solos and triumphant harmonies. “Don’t Give Up” is a Rocker’s delight. This tracks harks to sessions on a hot steamy night in Kingston many years ago. Triumphant vocals intertwined with majestic horns, taut bubbling and spot on drum and bass connectivity. Boom! “Another Rising Sun” is a broad and stunning vibration. A blessed ode to The Most High that’s anchored by textured riddimatic bliss and Rootsman vocals. Phat keyboard and percussive genius flow like a river. The closing “Please Forgive Me” is Heart and Soul indeed. A beautiful ballad that’s the essence of Mr. Tony Chin. It evokes music created decades ago and is presented in perfect harmony and approach.

Superb presentation

TONY CHIN’s “LIVE IN PARADISE” is a complete display of the mastery embedded within this true ambassador. The decades of experience are culminated in one superb presentation that touches on Love, Roots, Reality and a fresh dash of versatile Dancehall niceness. His mastery has touched all corners of Creation and this new release will only further his unwavering commitment to message music.

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Tony Chin – Live In Paradise