I David Meets Dougie Conscious – Dub Confliction

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I David Meets Dougie Conscious - Dub Confliction
I David Meets Dougie Conscious - Dub Confliction

Release Info

I David Meets Dougie Conscious – Dub Confliction

Label: Conscious Sounds | Format: LP-DR | Street date: January 8, 2018 | Facebook I David | Facebook Dougie Conscious


Side A

  1. Right Hook Dub
  2. Natural Melody
  3. Rolling Dub
  4. Pillar Dub
  5. Dawn Dub

Side B

  1. High Pass Dub
  2. Eternal Dub
  3. King Davids Psalm
  4. Low Pass Dub
  5. Brave Dub

When two of UK’s foremost producers/engineers link together for a project, great runnings are the course. I-David and Dougie Conscious have been creating works of the highest degree for decades now. The upfront ambassadors rally together in total cohesion on “DUB CONFLICTION”. A bin shaking excursion that steps deep into Dubwise country. Two the true way at the controls…


I-David (David Arrowsmith) has been releasing his Royal imprint since the ’90s. His earliest contributions can be traced back to the classic “Chapter & Version” and Gary Jones’ “Natural Healer” album. A solid flow of tight works have flowed from his Guidance Records Studio (Essex). This multi talented musician/producer/engineer has been heavily involved in recent RAS TEO albums (classics!) beginning with “Bredda Daniel” (2014) and most recently with last year’s “Timeless”. David’s forward vision has elevated works by Johnny Clarke, Fred Locks, Donovan Kingjay, Studio One veteran Judah Eskender Tafari and many more. His live shows have elevated the runnings throughout Europe and his tracks are showcased in Jah Shaka and Aba Shanti dances. Look forward to continually solid projects from this limitless Roots ambassador.

Dougie Conscious

Dougie Conscious (Doug Wardrop) has been on the UK scene on many levels. From his early runnings at Dub Shack Records and Nick Manasseh, he has never looked back. Inspired by Scientist/King Tubby, his debut track, “Stepping Time” (1990) is considered a pivotal moment in UK Roots history. The follow up, Tena Stelin’s “Can’t Touch Jah”, cemented his credentials. With initial equipment bought from Nick, his Hackney based Conscious Sounds Studio has been a bustling musical outpost. Doug has spread Royal works with Centry, Bush Chemists (since 1993), East Meets West, Roots Squad and many more. Over the years, he’s worked with Pablo Gad, Carlton Livingston, Ranking Joe, Barry Isaac, Danny Red, Ghetto Priest… the roster is Royal. With equal caliber to David, Doug has been heavily influential in UK Sound System Culture. He’s been responsible for distributing the crucial Jah Warrior and Reggae On Top catalogues. A musical ambassador whose consistently in his studio with tuff works on the horizon.

The Concept

The concept of “Dub Confliction” is Heart to Heart level. I-David’s past, present and upcoming works are given the Dougie Conscious treatment with Zion high results. It draws heavily on Ras Teo tracks, I-David riddims, Fred Locks and Judah Eskender Tafari. I-David’s catalogue is tremendous and the cuts were selected wisely. The singers and players of instruments are a Royal roll call indeed. Talking about Ras Teo, Yami Bolo, Fred Locks, Judah Eskender Tafari and Empress Isha Bell. Drums by Stickypalms Dorne, Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace and I-David. Bass anchoring by legendary UK Rootsman Malcolm Goldmaster, Ricky Roots and I-David. Percussion levels from David. Guitar licks from Jamie Uptown and Duncan Austin. Bubbling by I-David and Ashanti Selah (Aba Shanti’s son/master mixman). Horns are up with Chris Hanson and Brian Wallace. I-David’s melodica work is impeccable. Honourable mention to graphics master Thiago Hatto. This album is elevated by intros by Steppers pioneer Mark Iration.

Yami Bolo

Yami Bolo

Judah Eskender Tafari

Judah Tafari Eskender

Ras Teo

Ras Teo

Crisp Dub Awareness

The album kicks off with “Right Hook Dub” (“We Fighting” w/Ras Teo/Yami Bolo on “Bredda Daniel”). This classic cut is delivered with crisp Dub awareness. The triumphant vox float above the taut riddim that Doug reassembles with Scientist caliber urgency. Echo and reverb efficiency coming outta Hackney Empire. Instant rewind! “Natural Melody” (Ras Teo’s “Know Jah Today” – from “Bredda Daniel”) is derived from I-David’s version. Dougie mixes clean and crisp, allowing the textured riddim to flow smooth. Echoes great memories of Augustus Pablo’s “Valley Of Jehosaphat”. Deep Roots presented with “Conscious” manners. David and Doug truly embrace the essence of King’s Music and have the ability to inject fresh urgency. Killer track!

Masterful Mixing

“Rolling Dub” (“Behold Him” 12″) is classic UK Dub. Doug mixes this Niyabinghi driven rocker with a Bush Chemists caliber atmosphere. Fattened bass anchors tight while the instrumentation exudes a King Tubby’s flow injected with forward progression. “Pillar Dub” continues the incredible vibes from Ras Teo’s “Bredda Daniel”. “Delilah” is a Royal vocal track, to hear it Dubwise is pure Ites! Doug keeps Horsemouth’s taut drumming upfront with superb filtering of horn blasts, bubbling and guitar. Masterful mixing all the way. Side A closes with “Dawn Dub” (Judah Eskender Tafari’s “Fret Not” (Blackheart Warrior Label). One of I-David’s most powerful productions indeed! Dougie allows the vibes to roam freely. The legend’s haunting vox complement the bubbling riddim that is stripped down and reassembled with the absolute Royal touch of Doug at the controls. This man has Dub theory in his veins and his versatility is showcased here. Brilliant!

Riddimatic Vibration

Side B opens in fine style. “High Pass Dub” is a Fred Locks cut released on Blackheart Warrior. With a Heartical intro from Mark Iration, the Dub is detonating. A Sound System ready riddim is elevated sky high with a crucial blend of traditional and modern Dub thinking. Standout selection! “Eternal Dub” is derived from a forthcoming Ras Teo/Fredlocks 12″. “Rastafari is the tree of Life”. This is a serious riddimatic vibration with rolling drums and I-David’s ethereal melodica alongside heavy duty bass. Presented in crisp and potent manners from Conscious Sounds. “King David’s Psalm” is I-David’s melodica version of Ras Teo’s “Chant” from “Bredda Daniel”. This is champion Sound with hypnotic tones. David’s majestic melodica takes the listener back to the glory of “East Of The River Nile”. Yes, it’s that good! Doug treats this pulsating gem with veteran touch and the result is a vibration sounding like a hot Kingston session in the late ’70s. A tour-de-force in all aspects!

Bubbling Excursion

“Low Pass Dub” is an I-David special that absolutely showcases the infinite talent of both producers. A bubbling excursion that has Mad Professor magnitude. Let it be said that Doug has a totally original style; just the quality beckons comparisons with the best in the business. Fires on all cylinders!! “Brave Dub” (“Shaka Zulu”, released on Roots Records) takes the listener to the heights of Kilimanjaro. A beautiful arrangement of instrumentation that’s a musical spear of Righteousness. Doug uplifts the frequencies in all the right places. The House of Dub’s gates are wide open. Layers of niceness brought together in unique style.


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