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Weeding Dub – Another Night Another Day

by | Feb 11, 2018 | Artist, Reviews

Weeding Dub - Another Day Another Night
Backsleeve Another Day Another Night

Release Info

Weeding Dub – Another Night Another Day

Label:  Wise & Dubwise Recordings | Format: Dbl LP-DR | Street date: February 9, 2018 | Facebook Artist


Disc 1 : Side A

  1. Another Night Another Day
  2. Make Dem Know feat. Dixie Peach
  3. Make Dem Dub part 4
  4. Rise Up feat. Oulda
  5. Rise Up part 2

Disc 1 : Side B

  1. Let’s Go! feat. Nish Wadada
  2. Let’s Dub!
  3. Big Men Of This World feat. Oulda
  4. Big Dub Of This World
  5. Skankertainer feat. Little R

Disc 2 : Side C

  1. Lion’s Claw
  2. Lion’s Claw part 3
  3. Artikal Steper
  4. Artikal Stepper part 2
  5. Artikal Stepper part 3

Disc 2 : Side D

  1. Dub Soldier Forever & More
  2. Dubwise Forever & More
  3. Can’t Understand feat. Shanti D
  4. Can’t Understand part 4
  5. Afuryca


Lille-based Romain Weeding aka Weeding Dub belongs to a group of very promising conscious Reggae, Steppers & Dub producers and artists in the tradition of Improvisators Dub, Miniman or Manutension. Weeding Dub is strongly inspired by the UK Dub scene and more particularly by artists such as Aba Shanti I, Irations Steppas, Vibronics, Bush Chemists, The Disciples and Jah Free. After several demos (“Some Electronical Food” in 1999, “Weeding Dub Project” in 2001) and appearances on compilations (“Digitalic Pack” in 2002, or “Dub In France” in 2003), he finally released his first LP called “Steppactivism” at the Sounds Around label in February 2004.


This first album, consisting of 8 original tracks, features many prestigious collaborators including Neil Perch of Zion Train, Steve Vibronics, Manutention (leader of Improvisators Dub), the singer of the Dubians, Naïma, and the English MC Lok-I. It then lasted about six years before Sir Hill’s Control Tower Records, a label from Southern France specialized in Reggae and Dub music, released Weeding Dub’s sophomore album entitled “Sound Of Reality”, which in 2013 was followed by Inna “Digital Age” on the same label. In 2015 Weeding Dub released his fourth album “Still Looking For” on his own record label called Wise & Dubwise Recordings.

In the three years between the release of “Stil Looking For” and his brand new album “Another Night Another Day”, Weeding Dub hasn’t rested on his laurels as his fifth studio album contains no less than 20 tracks (11 original pieces & 9 dub versions), equally divided over two vinyl discs.


It’s actually disc number one that appeals most to the ears and in the end leaves the best impression. Side A starts off with the title track “Another Night Another Day”, an awesome instrumental Steppers piece that should be played real loud to fully experience its strength. A great opener, which is followed by the excellent “Make Dem Know”, the collaboration with fine UK singer Dixie Peach who’s probably best known from his work with London-based Jah Tubbys Sound System. The dub version that follows is also worth hearing. Oulda, a singer out of Weeding Dub’s hometown, comes up with the fully convincing uplifting offering called “Rise Up”. The singer from Lille returns on the B-side with “Big Men Of This World”, a song with engaging reality lyrics across a superb riddim with beautiful sounding horns. And it’s also great to have its dub version as well. Nish Wadada’s “Let’s Go!”, the most light-hearted sounding tune on this album, is a nice track to hear – nothing more, nothing less. Actually we prefer to give “Let’s Dub!” more spins than the vocal cut. Disc 1 (and Side B) is then rounded off with the irresistible “Skankertainer”, which sees Little R delivering his Rub-A-Dub singing over an Afro-Jazz fueled riddim.


Just like the first disc, the second platter gets started with a massive instrumental piece entitled “The Lion’s Claw”. Then the listener is treated to a next version called “The Lion’s Claw Part 3”, before no less than three versions of another instrumental offering, “Artikal Stepper”, take over. Not really overly excited about including three versions, because one of these tracks is more than enough to do the trick. Although we tried real hard to get into the mood & vibes of the tracks featured on Side D, it was only “Afuryca” that brought some joy to our ears.


  • Weeding Dub feat. Dixie Peach – Make Dem Know
Weeding Dub – Make Dem Know feat. Dixie Peach

  • Shanty D – Can’t Understand
Weeding Dub – Can't Understand feat. Shanti D

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Conclusion In particular the first vinyl disc makes this dbl album worth purchasing!


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