Various – Supaweapon Riddim

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Supaweapon Riddim
Supaweapon Riddim

Release Info

Various – Supaweapon Riddim

Label: Nah Deal Productions | Format: DR | Street date: February 6, 2018 | Facebook Label


  1. War & Crime – Luciano
  2. Go Round Dem – Asante Amen
  3. Ready – Peter Lloyd
  4. Supaweapon – Jah Farmer
  5. Ras Tewelde – Counter Narrative
  6. Supaweapon Riddim

Italy / Nah Deal Productuions

The runnings are ital in Italy. The solid output of Roots music has been consistent for many years. From Alborosie’s early runnings with Reggae National Tickets to Lion D and Bizzarri Records (and numerous artistes and producers in between), King’s Music is presented with manners and respect from this absolutely cultural region. Nah Deal Productions is a powerhouse movement originating outta Naples in 2012 by two veterans of the business. Mario Fyah is a seasoned mc whose been Sound System steady for years. Jah Farmer is a riddim master/singer whose been rising up to the levels. Alongside The Nah Deal Band, he blazes up stage and studio with truth and conviction. His album, “Fearless” showcases his Roots vision and includes the anthem “Ganja Parade” w/Mario “Fyahstation”. Their productions are top grade; 2015’s “Riot” (Jah Farmer/Marcello Coleman) exemplifies their stellar output. The superb D-Medz “Power To The People” mixtape is essential! Expect great things in the future; including the upcoming “Rozeen” w/Jah Farmer and Nah Deal Band.


The creation of this engaging juggling project is a result of the success of Jah Farmer’s “Supaweapon”. The dynamic duo reached out and rounded up a Royal roster of veteran artistes. Jah Farmer’s riddim building is master craftsmanship and the tight Nah Deal Band translates the vibrations into an unforgettable musical backbone. Riddim projects are dropping on a weekly basis; this offering ranks as one of the best in some time! Luciano’s contributions to juggling affairs are amazing and countless. His delivery just gets better and better, year after year. The Royal messenjah is in regal form on “War & Crime”. Over the sizzling riddim (discussed later), he flows observantly on par with Dennis Emmanuel Brown and delivers a universal anthem that’s truly remarkable. Great way to kick off this set!

Pure and Original

Asante Amen has been releasing classic outta JA for years; his recent works with European producers have showcased his limitless talent. The recent “Roots & Kulcha” and the just released “The Order” attest to that. He brings pure Fyah on “Go Round Dem”. “Kill them with Love and go round dem.” Asante is in pure and original chantjay style brimming with intelligence and versatility. Instant rewinder! This artiste is a natural fit on the pulsing riddim. Peter Lloyd is a veteran artiste/actor with numerous chartbusting success. For example, “Searching” topped 5 charts at one time! He keeps to the Roots of the matter and has maintained crossover appeal for years. Right now, “Ready” has topped the reputable Jah charts. He is truly engaging on this track. “We nah deal with destruction of Earth.” His broad vocal range is on full display and constructs a conscious anthem that leaves the listener with finger on repeat. Radio and Sound System ready! Jah Farmer is sky high on the track that sowed the seeds for this project. “Supaweapon” is supapower! “JAH give us Supaweapon…supa mystical rifle.” His original and engaging style displays his years of experience and cements his credentials as one of Italy’s premier artistes. A crisp and Dubby mix elevates the vibes for sure.

Brilliant Roots Piece

Italy is represented again by Ras Tewelde. A singer of one of the first Italian Reggae bands -Living In The Ghetto- he’s been on the frontlines for decades now. His 2011 album “One Way Ticket” was touted as one of the albums of the year and remains a classic offering. “Counter Narrative” is a brilliant Roots piece. He delivers with the poise of a true veteran and his distinctive Heartical and versatile style is mesmerizing. A Rootsman whose message is ready for the international arena. Champion sound with a stripped down mix that works just nice. The project closes with “Supaweapon Riddim.” Nah Deal Band are musicians of the Highest degree. Jah Farmer cultivating and Nah Deal Band realizing proper. The riddimatic power is brimming with taut drums(w/killer drum rolls, lilting bass, ethereal bubbling and heavy duty horn blasts. This instrumental is crisp and clean and demands heavy stereo. The musicianmanship is flawless through and true.


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