Fyah Wyah – Revolution

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Fyah Wyah - Revolution
Fyah Wyah - Revolution

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Fyah Wyah – Revolution

Label: Jah Servant Records | Format: DR | Street date: January 5, 2018 | Facebook Band


  1. Revolution-Fyah Wyah
  2. Revolution Dub

Jah Servant

Canada based producer JAH SERVANT is an internationally acclaimed whose powerful riddim projects and engineering skills have graced many crucial projects. His latest release, FYAH WYAH’s “REVOLUTION” is a killer cut from an upcoming juggling set bound for chart success. Jah Servant (Mark Giles) is a veteran producer/musician/studio owner whose Lion vibrations are on the international frequency. In recent years, his “Night Run Riddim”, “Cornerstone Riddim”, “Life Giver Riddim” and “African Lions Riddim” have been critically acclaimed across Creation. His Dub treatments on Christos DC’s Honest Music productions are flawless. Late last year, he linked with Dancehall veteran MR.Spaulding and “Dance With My Mother” resulted (reviewed on the site). He works with bonafide legends and also gives lesser known Royal talent the ability to shine. A true ambassador of King’s Music indeed…

Fyah Wyah

Fyah Wyah (Jethro Hines) hails from Ja’s north coast and is a 30 year veteran in the business. “Fyah” equates to “Fresh/Youthful/Aware/Happy”. This versatile singer exudes positivity all the while and has released some solid albums-“On De Beach” (1999), “Love In The Air” (2008; yielded several chart busters) and “Spirit Of Expectancy” (2009). A humble Rootsman with message music of the highest caliber. Jah Servant created and composed the tuff riddim with masterclass. He played guitar, bass and percussion live at his Servant’s Quarters Studio and programmed keys, drums and horns; the arrangements are flawless. Numerous artistes will be on this upcoming juggler; including Third World’s A.J. Brown and Tamlin’s Derrick Lara. Stay tuned…


“Revolution” is a powerful and resonating anthem! Fyah Wyah delivers an upfront rally for people to sight the worldly demise and heartically offers a Rightful solution. “Run come for the solution.” Singing strong over a Niyabinghi pulsing vibration with crucial horn blasts and relentless bass lines. Boom! “Revolution Dub” is a tour-de-force. Jah Servant injects a Taxi caliber mix and sharpens the vibe with tasty echo and reverb. His original and crisp approach is in total effect.


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