Tribal Seeds – Roots Party

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Tribal Seeds - Roots Party
Tribal Seeds

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Tribal Seeds – Roots Party

Label:  Tribal Seeds Music | Format: CD-DR | Street date: June 8, 2018 | Website Band | Facebook Band


  1. Aroma
  2. Gunsmoke featuring Protoje
  3. Roots Party
  4. Empress
  5. Rude Girl
  6. Roots (Dub)
  7. Aroma (Dub)
  8. Empress (Dub)
  9. Dawn Of Time
  10. In Your Eyes
  11. Moonlight
  12. The Garden
  13. Night And Day
  14. Vampire
Tribal seeds

The San Diego based band consists of Steven Jacobo (lead vocals, guitar), Victor Navarro (bass), Ryan Gonzo (guitar, vocals), Luis Castillo (keys, bass, guitar, vocals), Daniel Lopilato (keys), and Jamey ‘Zeb’ Dekofsky (drums). The band has several albums under their belt and nuff touring experience.


Tribal Seeds display an unique, hard to describe vibe in their sound. Firmly rooted in the Jamaican reggae tradition, but injected with delightful flavours from several music styles and unexpected intros, they create a catchy ‘sound(e)scape’ that urges you to dance, sing along and smoke the herb! Themes here are unity, peace and righteousness, love and despair.

Tribal Seeds – Roots Party

The EP ‘Roots Party’ was released at the end of last year, and the European release of this set, with six bonus tracks was released on June 8, 2018.

superb layered riddims

The distinctive vocal powers of lead vocalist Steven Jacobo are beyond dispute. His vocals flow gently across the superb layered riddims. The wonderful opening tune “Aroma” sets the tone, its a party, let’s burn the chalice! Protojé acts as the link between Jamaica and San Diego in “Gunsmoke”, a masterfully arranged raw reggae/dancehall track with a heavy drive that grabs you instantly. The title track tells us what this album is about, a peaceful roots party where we can get high! The next two songs tackle affairs of the heart. “Empress” is an heartfelt dedication tune across an uptempo riddim, while “Rude Girl” (a former single) is about a girl who isn’t an empress at all, and comes with subtle dub effects. Three dubs are included, which are characterized by an ambient lounge atmosphere, echo on the vocals, nuff fx, but still recognisable.

bonus tracks

The 6 bonus tracks are taken from previous releases and start with the 2007 tune “Dawn Of The Time”, a track that fails to bring about the power and conviction of the previous tunes. “In Your Eyes” makes a far better impression. “Moonlight” is sure shot skanker and the herb song “The Garden” -Happy Ganja Smoking!- features a little too much rock guitar riffs, but the riddim is pounding! The tempo goes down on the lovers tune “Night And Day”. From the 2009 album ‘Harvest’ comes “Vampire” which closes the album. The intro sounds like some B-movie soundtrack, but then the amazing pulsating riddim takes over in full force and closes the album with power and faith!