Reemah – Breaking News

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Reemah - Breaking News

Release Info

Reemah – Breaking News

Label: Feel Line Records | Format: CD-DR | Street date: July 6, 2018 | Facebook Reemah


  1. Far Away
  2. Crowns Upon Your Head
  3. Modern Day
  4. Breaking News
  5. No Freedom
  6. Warn Dem
  7. May Day
  8. High Powaz
  9. Give Thanks Everyday
  10. One Life

St. Croix

The U.S. Virgin Islands has been a rock solid hub of deep Roots movements for decades now. Midnite, Bambu Station, Army, Dezarie, Pressure Buss Pipe, Niyorah, Ras Iba -the list is tremendous! St.Croix is the largest island in the Ites region; brimming with talent. Roots Empress REEMAH reflects the Heartical light that radiates from this lush land. Six years after her stunning debut, “BREAKING NEWS” has just been released. Talking about rising in the strength of JAH…


Reemah (Juliette Vanterpool) embraced music from an early stage. Inspired by the likes of Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder, her youth days were also blessed by the sounds of Burning Spear, Pinchers and many more. Her initial step in the business are traced back to Bambu Station’s “Break The Soil” classic from 2006. “Chance To Grow” is a deep track blessed by her ethereal vocals. She followed up with “No Questions” EP. Her full length debut, “Check Your Words” was released on July 17, 2012. The powerful set spawned hits like “War” and “Hypnotize”. With contributions by Tippy I (I Grade), Bambu Station founder Jalani Horton and former Bambu Station keyboardist Kedroy “Catalyst” Mitchell; the acclaim led to a 2015 reissue on VP Records. During this time, she toured extensively from U.S to South America.

Breaking News

To support the new album, Reemah is igniting Europe with backing from the tight Rude Cut Band. This messenjah has the Rightful caliber to spread her poignant works all points-North, East, West and South. Honorable mention to Lorenzo Stam, veteran ambassador whose making the runnings flow for Reemah in Europe and bringing this album to this reviewer’s attention.

Breaking News Crew

“Breaking News” continues the link with Catalyst (head of Feel Line Records and becoming one of the foremost producers around; after years with Bambu Station). Besides solid production throughout, he built crucial riddims with contributions from a Royal ensemble. Abijah “Peace Ambassador” Hicks brings his guitar mastery upfront. A solid singer/musician from St.Thomas with an impressive catalogue. Veteran drummer Dion Hopkins from St. Croix raises the Riddim tight. His tremendous work w/Midnite, Harry Mo, Dezarie and DAAP Band is undeniable. Alvin James (piano), Andre Llanos/Glen Warrican (drums) and Jerry Simon (guitar) contribute just right. Backing vox from Catalyst and Nishelle Warrican add to the levels. Honourable mention to Dwayne Morris for his production on “Give Thanks Everyday”. The unity between these veteran musicians is felt from start to finish.

Real Authetic Sound

“Far Away” opens up the album like a blazing Fyah. Reemah delivers with amazing clarity and vocal depth. Steams of consciousness -“Life is not a destination, it’s a journey”. Mature message music with ethereal keys, Dion’s one drop style and Abijah’s poignant guitar meshes with Alvin’s piano. Real authentic sound! “Crowns Upon Your Head” is a massive Roots anthem. The Empress flows mightily like the Zambezi; reflecting a meditative and mystical tone. She is completely original, but the depth recalls early Midnite caliber. Catalyst delivers a crisp production that allows the tight riddim to shine. Superb!

Roots Anthem

“Modern Day” displays her limitless talent as singer and songwriter. “They’ve taken the chains away but we still feel it in this modern day”. An undiluted look at the ignorance that runs rampant in Babylon. As mentioned, Aretha Franklin influenced her; Reemah’s delivery possesses that magic here. Dash in Abijah’s wailing guitar and Dion’s seasoned drums and this is an instant classic. The title track is a deep and thought provoking meditation. Reemah unapologetically observes Babylon deception with intelligent flow that’s fueled by Catalyst/Abijah/Dion in full accordance. Boom! “No Freedom” is brilliant. Another Roots anthem -“no freedom in Babylon”. Her regal voice soars above the lilting riddim with truth and conviction. Put that finger on rewind!

real deal message music

“Warn Dem” is flawless from lyrics to riddim. Reemah naturally delivers from singing to chanting with the ease of a true veteran. A meditative track that exposes “soul snatchers” and “blood suckers”. An album doesn’t need a six piece riddim section to create a crucial sound. Catalyst/Abijah/Dion construct engaging musical structures with solid foundation. Catalyst’s backing vox add dimension to this royal gem. “May Day” is real deal message music. This is a craftfully presented track that results in another resounding anthem. Reemah seamlessly observes the efforts to stop Righteous runnings but Babylon cannot stop the Rightful ways! Another flawless riddim anchored by Dion’s drums; with Reemah showing up so strong. Standout selection.

positive upliftment

Thankfully, “High Powaz” is included here. Released prior to album release, it fits rightfully within. Andre Llanos is taut on drums with Abijah slicing with Rock tinged guitar. Progressive Roots music-“JAH give I & I High Powaz”. Reemah is chanting strong; a spiritual meditation unto The Most High. “Give Thanks Everyday” is a majestic offering. Dwayne Morris produces an Ites atmosphere with Glen Warrican and Jerry Simon tight on drums and guitar. The result is a beautiful and positive upliftment that resonates to one and ones. Reemah singing so sweet; direct inspiration from The Most High. The album closes with “One Life”. On top of a textured riddim, Reemah exalts hope and prosperity; the true concept to live Life to the fullness despite obstacles is presented in clearview vision. Sweet backing vox from Empress Nischelle.


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