Big Youth – Screaming Target

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Big Youth - Screaming Target
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Big Youth – Screaming Target

Label:  Trojan Records | Format: CD | Street date: February 19, 2006 | Website label


  1. Screaming Target
  2. Pride & Joy Rock
  3. Be Careful
  4. Tipper Tone Rock
  5. These Fine Days
  6. Killer
  7. Solomon A Gundy
  8. Honesty
  9. I Am Alright
  10. Lee A Low
  11. K.G.’s Half Way Tree – Augustus Pablo & The Simplicity People
  12. Origan Style – Augustus Pablo
  13. Screaming Target (Version 2) – Big Youth
  14. Pride & Ambition – Leroy Smart
  15. In Their Own Way – Dennis Brown
  16. Try Me – Roman Stewart
  17. Tipper Tone Rocking (Version Two) – Big Youth
  18. Rhythm Style – The Simplicity People
  19. One One Cocoa Fill Basket – Gregory Isaacs
  20. Skylarking Version – The Society Squad
  21. Anywhere But Nowhere Version – The Simplicity People
  22. Slaving (Every Day) – Lloyd Parks
  23. No More Slavery – Glen Brown
  24. I Am Alright (aka Loving Pauper) – Gregory Isaacs

Trojan Records was originally set up by Island Records to handle their reggae catalogue, distinct from the main Island label. Celebrating 50 years of the London based reggae specialist label, we are going to bring to mind some of their releases.

“I’d known people like Mick Jones and Viv Albertine for some time. Paul Simonon was a great painter, and he looked good, but he couldn’t play bass at that time, but that didn’t matter. He looked great; these cheekbones and black suits from a 2nd hand thrift store or somewhere that he’d just torn up and spray painted. Mick Jones would just say to Paul, “play these notes: Here, this is how it goes, ok?” and Paul would do it. We all loved reggae b lines; those huge stepping bass lines, and mic chanters; people like Big Youth, who was so hip at the time. Screaming Target? Hail Jah Youth!” ( Keith Levene in conversation with Greg Whitfield discussing the influence of Big Youth on the early days of The Clash, PIL and The Flowers of Romance.)”

By the end of last year, Trojan were tailing off a little, relying far too much on filler pot boiler compilations. Now the New Year has kicked off however, Trojan are back in fine style, with an intense collection of music which deserves your attention. Gaz’s dbl CD was a nice album for those of you into the roots of JA reggae , with its Chicago urban 1950’s blues and r n’ b melding and fusing naturally with early mod soul and rocksteady, with a dash of garage rockabilly punk from the 101’ers. The Alpha School album is going to prove massive for the meditative jazz and rocksteady fanatics, whilst Scientist’s “Dub From The Ghetto” was an excellent heavyweight (if somewhat obvious) selection.

“Screaming Target” is a classic Jah Youth album we have all surely heard many times before — but this is the definitive release, since it backs up the original DJ tunes by adding the original vocal cuts and some alternative dubs. No less than fourteen extra bonus tracks are added here, including the essential Pablo/Rockers tunes, “Half Way Tree” and “Organ Style”, both of which are sublime, and similar in style to Pablo’s tunes on Lloydie Coxsonne’s “King Of The Dub Rock” in that the approach here fuses a free form jazz sensibility into its dub soul.

Also essential is the haunting dub to KC White’s “Anywhere But Nowhere”, with its lyrical sentiment of frustrated, existential stoicism. (“I could be anywhere — but still be nowhere.”)

Most listeners are totally satiated with “Skylarking” and surely don’t need another cut — but this imaginative version will turn your head, and is by no means token filler, but proves to be JA dubwise at its peaks of creativity.

The Glen Brown productions are intense too.

A fine collection and most will consider it the definitive release of this album, collecting as it does, DJ, vocal and dubwise cuts. The Pop Art/Warhol style sleeve is great too.