Capital Letters feat. JB – Judgement Day

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Capital Letters feat. JB - Judgement Day
Capital Letters feat. JB

Release Info

Capital Letters feat. JB – Judgement Day

Label:  Sugar Shack Records | Format: CD-DR-LP | Street date: August 10, 2018 | Website label | Facebook band


  1. Follow Rastafari
  2. Judgment Day (Album Version)
  3. Talking
  4. House Breaker
  5. Old Corner Stone
  6. The Roots
  7. Too Much War
  8. Parents
  9. Mother Africa
  10. Dem Affi Pray
  11. Miss Urseylou
  12. Your Heart And Mind
  13. Cinderella

After the release of the Capital Letters album “Wolverhampton” and its dub counterpart “Wolverhampton In Dub” in 2015, Bristol-based Sugar Shack Records has unleashed a next album from Wolverhampton’s finest.


The new album called “Judgement Day” sees a slight departure from the two previous releases as the band is now billed as featuring original founding member JB whose face also graces the album cover. Although not unique to reggae, a common occurrence is a group splitting into two separate camps both adopting the original band name. To avoid any confusion, they’ve decided to rebrand by adding JB’s name. However this is basically the same band as on the two previous full-length releases and a continuation of Capital Letters’ long history of recording and performing as one of the most popular British reggae bands. The outfit featured here is vintage Capital Letters, but features Harrington Bembridge (the original Selecter drummer and later of fellow UK ska stalwarts The Specials) and new bass player and Birmingham legend Myki Tuff.


While “Wolverhampton” was recorded by experienced producer/engineer/musician Noel Browne and mixed by Dave ‘Oldwah’ Sandford, the 13 tracks included on “Judgement Day” have been recorded in Birmingham, UK and were mixed by Chris Potter aka Compendulum. With the latter’s compilation set “Compendulum” in mind, one can expect a fresh mixing approach instead of focussing on creating a real vintage sound. And indeed, that’s exactly what it turns out to be. And thus, for some listeners it may take some time to get used to and fully appreciate the sound of this album.

The Tracks

“Judgement Day” features the kind of tracks one might expect from Capital Letters. Included are, of course, roots tunes such as the real strong “Follow Rastafari”, the matching “Judgement Day” (compared with the previously released 12″ single this track has an entirely different mix), “Talking” – three tunes that make for a solid opening lot – “Old Corner Stone”, “The Roots” (unfortunately lyrically too weak) and the very good “Mother Africa”. Furthermore there’s the social commentary of “House Breaker” and the excellent “Parents” and there’s even attention for the romantic side of life with “Your Heart And Mind” and “Cinderella”.

(Note: Besides the CD and digital versions of the album there’s also an 8-track limited edition Vinyl available.)