The Pioneers – Long Shot / Battle Of The Giants

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The Pioneers - Long Shot & Battle Of The Giants
The Pioneers

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The Pioneers – Long Shot & Battle Of The Giants

Label: Doctor Bird | Format: CD/DR | Street date: September 7, 2018 | Website label


Long Shot

  1. Long Shot Kick De Bucket
  2. Caranapo
  3. Black Bud
  4. Long Up Your Mouth
  5. Bring Him Come
  6. Mother Ritty
  7. Poor Rameses
  8. Samfie Man
  9. Belly Gut
  10. Lucky Side
  11. Trouble Dey A Bush
  12. Boss Festival

Battle Of The Giants

  1. Money Day
  2. Consider Me
  3. Driven Back
  4. Gorgeous And Marvellous
  5. Now You Are Gone
  6. Battle Of The Giants
  7. Slip Away
  8. Cherie Cherie
  9. Simmer Down Quashie
  10. Twice Around The Daffodils
  11. Mally Mally

Bonus Tracks

  1. Easy Come, Easy Go (Rock Steady Version)
  2. Pee Pee Cluck Cluck
  3. Mettle (Aka Mickle)
  4. Just Enough (To Keep Me Hangin’ On)
  5. Cha La La, I Need You
  6. Get Ready
  7. Easy Come, Easy Go (Reggae Version)
The Pioneers

In the early 60s The Pioneers were formed by the brothers Sydney and Derrick Crooks and Winston Hewitt. When Winston left for Canada he was replaced by Glen Adams. They enjoyed little success with their recordings, but when they teamed up with producer Joe Gibbs they scored several hits. The group parted ways with Gibbs after an argument and moved on to work with Leslie Kong, the first recording for Kong being “Samfie Man”, a song about a confidence trickster, which topped the Jamaican singles chart. The trio consisted of the Crooks brothers and George Dekker (half brother of Desmond Dekker). With Kong the group cut more successful singles such as “Easy Come Easy Go” (here presented in two versions), and “Mother Ritie”, and he released two albums. The tunes recorded between 1968 and 1970 were always big favorites of the skinhead teen cult in the UK. Not much later the members pursued solo careers, though The Pioneers have made infrequent records and stage appearances. Just recently Sydney Crooks has released the album Norris Cole & The Pioneers – “Peace Justice Liberty”, check the review here.

Two albums on One cd

This cd comprises the albums “Long Shot” from 1969 on Trojan Records, produced by Leslie Kong and “Battle of the Giants” from 1970 also on Trojan Records and also a Leslie Kong production. As a bonus you’ll find seven rare and previously unissued tracks. Extensive liner notes and nuff pics complete this excellent release.


The music here is a good example of early reggae, fast paced and full of energy, opposite to the relaxed style of rocksteady. The collection gathers pop/soul covers as well as the aforementioned hit tunes. The first LP -Long Shot- is the better set, with outstanding tunes like “Samfie Man”, “Long Shot Kick De Bucket” and “Long Up Your Mouth”. The second LP is ‘softer’ and even features a soul ballad, “Consider Me”. “The Battle Of The Giants” is a well known song. From the bonus tracks it’s “Easy Come Easy Go” recorded 1968 which is an outstanding effort just like the fast paced “Mettle” and the soulful tune “Just Enough (To keep Me Hanging On)”.


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