Bob Andy and Marcia Griffiths – Young Gifted and Black / Pied Piper

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Bob Andy and Marcia Griffiths - Young Gifted and Black-Pied Piper
Bob Andy and Marcia Griffiths

Release Info

Bob Andy and Marcia Griffiths – Young Gifted and Black-Pied Piper

Label: Doctor Bird | Format: CD-DR | Street date: May 10, 2018 | Website label


Young Gifted and Black

  1. Young, Gifted & Black
  2. Private Number
  3. United We Stand
  4. We’ve Got To Get Ourselves Together
  5. Peace In Your Mind
  6. It’s Rocking Good Way
  7. It Ain’t Me Babe
  8. Ain’t Nothing But The Real Thing
  9. Put A Little Love In Your Heart
  10. The Onion Song
  11. Gee Baby
  12. Keep The Customers Satisfied

Pied Piper

  1. We Know
  2. One Woman
  3. I Don’t Care
  4. Strange World
  5. You Are Mine
  6. He’s A Cousin Of Mine
  7. Pied Piper
  8. Let’s Fall In Love
  9. See You My Love
  10. Dut I Do
  11. Save Me
  12. Your Love

Bonus Track

  1. Young, Gifted and Black (Jamaican Mix)

Bob Andy

Bob Andy first attracted attention as the lead vocalist of The Paragons, which he founded with Tyrone Evans and Howard Barrett, later joined by John Holt. When he left the group in 1966 to pursue a solo career he released the smash hit ‘I’ve Got To Go Back Home’, a song which has become a much-loved anthem for Jamaicans. During the early 1970s, he teamed with Marcia Griffiths to record several tunes, including the U.K. hits ‘Young, Gifted and Black’ and ‘Pied Piper,’ as the duo Bob & Marcia. After the release of his excellent ‘Lots Of Love And I’ album he took a five-year long sabbatical from music to concentrate on his career as an actor. In 1983 he returned with the hit single ‘Honey’ and the chart-topping ‘Friends’ album. In the following two decades Bob Andy continued to release singles and albums, although not on a regular basis.

Songs and riddims

It has often been noted that the mark of a great artist is the continued production of notable works throughout his lifetime. A veritable explosion of cover versions of Bob’s songs and rhythms has already introduced a new generation of fans across the globe to his music. Bob’s audience will have much to savour as they become familiar with his latest compositions, which only serve to further enhance one of the most distinctive and distinguished bodies of work in Jamaica’s musical history.

Marcia Griffiths

Marcia Griffiths began her career as a dancer but became one of the first ladies of reggae music. Partnering Bob Andy she scored international huge hits as Bob & Marcia. After the duo disbanded she became one of Bob Marley’s backup singers the I-Threes. During her lengthy solo career she delivered many solid to excellent albums for different producers and proved herself to be the quintessential female voice in reggae. Her unique sound has graced many classic reggae hits in each of these periods and spawned many imitators.

Bob and Marcia

In 1970, international recognition came when Bob and Marcia recorded Nina Simone’s ‘Young, Gifted and Black’, which sold 1/2 million in the UK and Europe, and still receives frequent airplay today. BOB & MARCIA became household names, appearing on Top of the Pops and touring extensively. They had another UK Top Ten single and two albums for Trojan Records. These two albums are now reissued on one cd. The cd offers an interesting bonus track: the Jamaican mix of ‘Young, Gifted and Black’, the hit song without the annoying strings that were added in London.

Young, Gifted and Black/Pied Piper

The first set was produced by Harry Johnson and carries the aforementioned title track and lots of covers. Jamaican artists as well as producers share a common love for US and UK hit tunes. The only self penned tune from Bob here is the excellent ‘Peace In Your Mind’, a tune that would been more powerful without the background strings. The rendition of Bob Dylan’s ‘It Ain’t Me Babe’ is strong, just like their version of Judy Clay & William Bell’s soul hit ‘Private Number’. ‘Ain’t Nothing But The Real Thing’ has its moments and the rest are standard cover versions. The ‘Pied Piper’ album could have been more interesting because of the six Bob Andy compositions and the fact that he produced the set (seemingly with help from others). Too bad that strings are added in abundance, otherwise this album would have been a good early 70’s album. The title track is a cover of Crispian St. Peters’ 1966 hit. ‘I Don’t Care’ is a do-over of the Studio One song from Bob & Tie, ‘I Don’t Care’, ‘Tie’ being Garth “Tyrone” Evans, member of The Paragons. Marcia Griffiths’ solo tune “See You My Love’ is a soulful tune written by Bob Andy.


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