Brother Culture – Code Name

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Brother Culture - Code Name
Brother Culture

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Brother Culture – Code Name

Label:  Evidence Music | Format: CD-LP-DR | Street date: September 14, 2018 | Facebook Label | Bandcamp


  1. Jump Up Pon It
  2. Code Name
  3. Change Of Society
  4. Chant Dem Down
  5. Dreadlocks Thing
  6. New Generation
  7. Heal Them Remix
  8. Jah Ina Mi Heart
  9. Follow Guys
  10. Legalize The Herb
  11. Dreadlocks Thing Dub
  12. Code Name Dub
  13. Change Of Society Dub
  14. Jump Up Pon It Dub
  15. Heal Them
After the 2016 released “Heartical Connection”, done in collaboration with Paul Fox, Brother Culture follows up that highly recommended album with a new worthy project entitled “Code Name”. For the latter he has teamed up with Swiss production team of Evidence Music, which consists of Etienne Maitre & Nicolas Maitre from Derrick Sound and Nicolas Meury from Little Lion Sound. They actually met in 2013 and since then, the label has accompanied the artist on a large amount of live shows, particularly in England and joined forces on three successful singles.

Under the banner of Evidence Music, this new album features production works of Radikal Vibration, Addis records, Little Lion and 808 Delavegga. Besides the previously released singles “Dreadlocks Thing”, “Heal Them” and “New Generation”, the 15-track album furthermore contains the upcoming singles “Jump Up On It” and “Chant Dem Down”, a remix of “Heal Them” and several dub versions. It’s known that Brother Culture songs carry a certain weight of consciousness which engages the listener to pay close attention to the artist’s lyrics. Here it are in particular tunes such as “Heal Them”, “Change Up Society” or “Code Name” that bring a strong message to pass forward.

The infectious UK stepper “Jump Up Pon It”, the opening track of this album, contains many electronic influences which gives a fresh touch of modernity to Brother Culture’s sound without diverting too far from the roots of the genre. Without any doubt this forthcoming single is going to be a favorite in the sound system scene. The awesome “Dreadlocks Thing” touches the theme of wearing dreadlocks, but not knowing what it means to be a real Rasta, while “Follow Guys” sees him talking about those who ‘infiltrate’ the sound system scene with the wrong intentions. Towards to end of the album there’s “Legalize The Herb”, which carries a sound influenced by both underground and mainstream styles.