Jacob Miller – Who Say Jah No Dread

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Jacob Miller - Who Say Jah No Dread
Jacob Miller

Release Info

Jacob Miller – Who Say Jah No Dread

Label:  Greensleeves | Format: LP | Street date: October 26, 2018 | Website label


Side One

  1. Keep On Knocking
  2. Knocking Version
  3. False Rasta
  4. Hungry Town Skank
  5. Baby I Love You So
  6. King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown

Side Two

  1. Who Say Jah No Dread
  2. Jah Dread
  3. Each One Teach One
  4. Each One Teach One Version)
  5. Girl Name Pat
  6. Girl Name Pat Version

Jacob Miller

When he was a young, slighty podgy kid, Jacob Miller – like so many of his peers in Kingston – was looking for a way into the music business. His first recording was the squeaky-voiced single “Love Is A Message”, done at Coxsone Dodd’s legendary Studio One. A couple of years later he joined the legendary Jamaican roots foundation musician/producer Augustus Pablo fledging Rockers organisation were he began to learn his trade.

Rockers classics

In 1974 Augustus Pablo took the aspiring young singer with the golden voice to Dynamic Sounds studio, where he recorded a remake of “Love Is A Message” on the “Black Gun” riddim. The name of the song was “Keep On Knocking” and had a sound that defined the Rockers era as strongly as any other reggae record. In the next year and a half, Jacob Miller recorded five more singles for Pablo at Randy’s & Dynamic Sounds; “Baby I Love You So,” “False Rasta,” “Who Say Jah No Dread,” “Each One Teach One,” and “Girl Named Pat”, each of which became a Rockers classic with fearsome King Tubby dubs on their B-sides. The heartfelt vocals from the singer atop killer bass heavy riddims such as the aforementioned “Black Gun”, the ultra-heavy “555 Crown Street” riddim, the iconic “King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown” and Augustus Pablo’s interpretation of the classic Studio One/Larry Marshall “Mean Girl”.

Landmark LP

Jacob Miller’s landmark LP “Who Say Jah No Dread” features the A & B-sides of the six impeccable and impenetrably deep singles, originally released on the Rockers label. And although Jacob Miller in later years reached higher heights with Inner Circle, it can’t be denied that his most compelling work was under the guidance of Augustus Pablo. At the heart of this LP are “False Rasta” (with its dub introduced by King Tubby himself), “Who Say Jah No Dread” and “Each One Teach One”, which can be regarded as three of the most convincing expressions of Rasta doctrine ever released by anyone.


After the CD reissue in 2015 and a limited edition 7 by 7-inch box set in 2016, Greensleeves now re-releases the vinyl LP, originally put out by the UK label in 1992.