Pura Vida – In Dub

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Pura Vida - In Dub
Backsleeve Pura Vida - In Dub

Release Info

Pura Vida – In Dub

Label: Lost Ark Music | Format: LP-DR | Street date: April 20, 2018 | Facebook Label


Side One

  1. Krank Skank
  2. Boiling Bass
  3. Flowa Dub
  4. Dub My Right
  5. Snow Dub

Side Two

  1. Black Tears Dub
  2. Midnight Hour Dub
  3. Blood Moon Dub
  4. Trance Formation Dub
  5. Someday…

Under The Radar

Going through the extensive list of countless album releases that reached us in 2018, it’s not a real surprise to find out that it contains a few albums that have slipped under the radar. One of them is Pura Vida’s “In Dub”, an album that most likely will appeal to fans of 1970’s dub music.

Deep Roots Music

The Belgian roots reggae collective Pura Vida, the brainchild of Bregt “Puraman” De Boever, has become a well known name amongst those reggae fans who have fond memories of and/or are into the deep roots music created in the period 1975-1980. It were the days of innovative producers like Lee “Scratch” Perry, Augustus Pablo, Vivian “Yabby You” Jackson, Keith Hudson & Glen Brown and artists/groups such as Burning Spear, Hugh Mundell, Junior Delgado, Prince Alla, Wailing Souls, Junior Murvin, Max Romeo, Sylford Walker and The Congos. Besides recording and releasing their own albums, Pura Vida’s composer and producer Bregt “Puraman” De Boever aka Poddington Krank is also the driving force behind some noteworthy heavyweight roots albums of The Congos, the classic group’s member Congo Ashanti Roy and Lee “Scratch” Perry, the producer of The Congos’ landmark album “Heart Of The Congos”.

Atmospheric Dub Efforts

During the past 10 years or so, Puraman must have created a lot of dub versions, but only very few have been released as part of vocal albums from Pura Vida or other artists. And now, finally, there’s “Pura Vida In Dub” which has that typical vintage Lost Ark Sound – strongly reminiscent of the breathtaking sound from the glory days of Perry’s Black Ark – and was mixed the old-skool way using the mixer as an instrument. The album, which was produced, recorded, mixed & mastered at the Lost Ark Studio in Sint-Maria Aalter, collects 10 dub tracks from late 2017. With the exception of “Dub Me Right”, sounding familiar to the ears as it is taken from the Lee “Scratch” Perry album “The Super Ape Strikes Again”, the dub versions featured here haven’t been released before and also can’t be traced back to vocal counterparts. From beginning to end the listener is treated to well done atmospheric dub efforts, all of them far from being stripped down to their essentials. Personal favourites are “Boiling Bass”, “Black Tears” and “Blood Moon Dub”.


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