King Tubby/Tommy McCook – King Tubby Meets The Aggrovators At Dub Station

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King Tubby/Tommy McCook - King Tubby Meets The Aggrovators At Dub Station
King Tubby Meets The Agrovators At Dub Station Back

Release Info

King Tubby/Tommy McCook – King Tubby Meets The Aggrovators At Dub Station

Label:  Trojan Records | Format: CD-DR | Street date: May 21, 2007 | Website label


1 A Creator Of Dub 3:34
2 A Happy Dub 3:14
3 A Collie Dub 2:21
4 The Dub Station 3:48
5 The Height Of Dub 2:50
6 Inspiring Dub 3:35
7 Joy Soy Dub 3:39
8 Sparkling Dub 3:25
9 An Aggravating Dub 2:49
10 King Tubby Dub 3:08
11 Caretaker Dub 3:06
12 At The Dub Market 3:05
Bonus Tracks
13 Dance With Me 2:42
14 The Meducia 3:47
15 The Dub Duke 3:21
16 Moving Out 3:25
17 Canon 3:16
18 Kojak 2:17
19 Midnight Special 3:22
20 Rock By Sir Dees Scorcher 3:00
21 Jah Love Rockers Dub 3:25
22 Six Million Dollar Version 3:21
23 African World Wide Version 3:25
24 Don’t Take Another Man’s Life Version 2:48

Trojan have come up trumps for May and June 2007 with new Gregory Isaacs and Tubby’s re-issues.


So much incredible, good, bad and bland Tubby’s music has flooded the market over the last ten to fifteen years, that it’s hard to imagine there are many more rarities left — but most of the versions included on this Tubby’s/McCook album haven’t seen wider CD re release until now.


For those of you who love the mid to late ’70s period Tubby’s/Rockers/Bunny Lee, you are in for a real treat here. The first tune “Creator Of Dub” has also seen service on the Tappa Zukie “MPLA” album, and the cut here is explosive : classic Rockers. The next rhythm track is also familiar, being a re cut to the Johnny Cash “Ring of Fire” horns refrain, a melody clearly very popular at the time as Don Drummond’s earlier testament shows.

Huge Cavernous Affair

“Dub Station” is a huge cavernous affair, opening with a majestic horns refrain, before a fast paced snare and flying cymbals parry with jazz style rim shots in a furious dub, Tubby’s turning the DNA of the rhythm inside out with tunnel like dub effects. “King Tubby Dub” has a mid 70’s disco influenced funk intro, before tearing into another tight, tubular Bunny Lee dub, with scouring cymbals. “Caretaker Dub” sounds like your speaker cones are coming unstuck or malfunctioning.

Inspired Cuts

The original album featured 12 tracks — the current Sanctuary re-issue adds another extra 12 thunderous cuts to the original issue, with dubs to Johnny Clarke’s “Move Outta Babylon” (“Moving On”), Upsetter rhythms from “Black Board Jungle” (“Canon”) and countless other tunes you will recognise. So, the serious, committed reggae collector will certainly know most of these rhythms very well, but many of us will not have heard these specific cuts to these drum and bass lines. There is not a single bad tune on the entire record. It’s an indispensable, perfect Tubby’s/Bunny Lee purchase, featuring some of the most inspired cuts you are likely to hear of these very familiar mid to late ’70s tunes.

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