Manjul – Dub To Mali Season 3 : Douba

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Manjul - Dub To Mali Season 3 : Douba

Release Info

Manjul – Dub To Mali Season 3 : Douba

Label:  Baco Records | Format: LP-DR | Street date: May 31, 2019 | Website label


Side A.

  1. Where Is Manjul?
  2. Oh Mali
  3. Guede Dub
  4. Tounka
  5. If U Don’t Feel No Pain
  6. Dub For The Minian Ba

Side B.

  1. Dub Music (Coming In Coming Out)
  2. Sougouniambe
  3. Bana Magni
  4. Real Hot
  5. Timbuktu
  6. Ba Dji

Digital Download Only Tracks.

  • Afreecan Adventurer
  • Chaque Saison A Sa Raison
  • Politricks
  • Les Hommes De Demain
  • Emperor

As Bob Marley predicted: When Reggae reached Africa, it took new dimension enriched with various musical influences, other cultures and many talented artists. Just like Manjul, Reggae needed to go back to its roots and homeland.


Genius multi-instrumentalist and Dub master Julien Souletie, particularly in France and West Africa better known as Manjul, has participated in and produced albums for artists such as Tiken Jah Fakoly, Amadou & Mariam, Sugar Minott, African Brothers, Danakil, Toumani Diabaté, Natty Jean, and Takana Zion.

The Project

Of interest is the start of a project in which he brings together all his skills and talent. This unique project called “Dub To Mali” sees Manjul blending Reggae Roots and traditional Jamaican Dub with various musical genres from Mali and neighbouring African countries. All specific production and mixing techniques of the Reggae are used (echo, delay, etc.) and many traditional African instruments are incorporated, as well as vocal parts sung in Bambara. The first album, the 2005 released “Dub To Mali Season 1 – Faso Kanu”, not only was a very original and critical acclaimed effort in Reggae and World Music, it also was very successful and opened a lot of doors for Manjul. Compared with the first album, the next volume in the series – “Dub To Mali Season 2 – Jahtiguiya” – which was released in 2007, was, although creative and solid throughout, less striking. (The first two albums of this project have been reissued on vinyl by Baco Records.)

Season 3

And now there’s the logical continuation with a next volume in the series, “Dub To Mali Season 3 – Douba”, on which Manjul continues to combine the strength of Dub and the mysticism of Africa and Rastafari, although now with a fresh, captivating sound. Whether it’s Dub, Reggae, Instrumental or a vocal offering, Manjul’s compositions are of remarkable instrumental richness: guitar, bass, percussion, kora, keyboard, ballad, flute, horns, drums and more. Apart from Majul’s warm vocal delivery, this album also features the voices of a.o. Tenin Massarra (Salif Keita’s chorus), prodigy violinist Zoumana Terreta, Ahmed Fofana (Toumani Diabate, Lauryn Hill) and DJ lion.

Utterly Impressive

After the short intro, “Where Is Manjul?”, the listener is taken on a fascinating musical and spiritual trip of which you hope it won’t come to an end too soon. Manjul has created great soundscapes, which not only are very pleasing to the ears, but also unfold themselves as the perfect soundtrack for your own imaginary road movie. “Oh Mali”, the first full length track that leaps off the speakers, makes instantly clear that Manjul takes no prisoners. This tune, featuring the great horn section Faya Horns (Eric ‘Rico’ Gaultier & Thomas Henning), is absolutely golden and without any doubt one of the album’s standouts. It’s followed by “Guede Dub”, a breathtaking piece that causes pure excitement, while the next track, the moody instrumental “Tounka”, is pure musical magic! Next comes the irresistible Roots-Dub track “If U Don’t Feel No Pain”, a somewhat dark sounding intriguing effort with mesmerizing vocals that keeps you involved throughout. African sounds dominate “Dub For The Minian Ba”, a tune with a light-hearted feel that features the lead vocal of songstress Ténin Massaran Kouyaté. All in all an utterly impressive first part of this album!

Other Side

The other side starts off with the masterful “Dub Music (Coming In Coming Out)”, which sounds great and maintains the high quality set by the tracks on the first side. Back to the sound of Africa again with the entertaining “Sougouniambe”. This is followed by the wonderful dubbed up vital Reggae piece “Bana Magni” and the superb “Real Hot”, another winner on this album. To hear the strong playing Faya Horns doing their thing on “Real Hot” is a joy as their contribution sounds beautiful. But then that fantastic horn section shines even brighter on “Timbuktu”, a gorgeous tune that fires on all cylinders and goes on repeat. With the outro “Ba Dji” the vinyl LP “Dub To Mali Season 3 – Douba” comes to an end. But when the music is nice, we play it twice!!!

Extra Tracks

The digital format of the album offers 5 extra tracks and these certainly are no fillers. With “Afreecan Adventurer” the listener is treated to a subtly very colourful and vibrant piece that might take a few listenings to grown on you. “Chaque Saison A Sa Raison” (“Each Season Has His Reason”) is a wonderful instrumental with carries a somewhat serene feel and vibe, which – when you shut your eyes – makes you dream away. Next comes the powerful “Politricks”, a solid song with a serious message. Although usually not overly fond of children voicing a song, “Les Hommes De Demain” (“Men Of Tomorrow”) is nice listening not least thanks to the appealing backdrop with its real nice guitar licks. The final song about King Rastafari titled “”Emperor” is a truly triumphant moment and a more than worthy closer of this bonus part.