Kashief Lindo – Love On…

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Kashief Lindo - Love On...
Kashief Lindo

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Kashief Lindo – Love On…

Label:  Heavy Beat Records | Format: CD-DR | Street date: October 1, 2021 | Website label


1. Can’t Run Away From Your Heart
2. My Oh Me Oh My
3. Case Of Emergency
4. Prisoner Of Love
5. She’s The Kinda Girl
6. Love On…
7. Where Am I
8. Hey It’s K.L.
9. Run It By Me Again
10. See You In Your Arms (Remake)
11. I Don’t Know Why
12. Love Stake
13. Goodbye Now Forever
14. Nobody Gonna Love You More

Willie Lindo

Jamaica-born and Florida-based singer, songwriter, and musician Kashief Lindo follows up his 2012 album A Reggae Tribute To Michael Jackson, with Love On…. This brand new collection of 14 songs is produced by the singer’s father Willie Lindo, who was a respected session guitarist at Federal Records in Jamaica, and produced and wrote some of reggae’s most popular songs for artists such as Beres Hammond, Dennis Brown, Wayne Wade, Boris Gardiner, and Maxi Priest, to name a few. Willie took Kashief to the studio almost every day from birth and nurtured him in an environment dedicated to the creation of music.


Although Kashief Lindo has been highly influenced by the great reggae balladeers he grew up listening to r&b, hip hop, latin, country, pop, and all other genres of music. His voice has been described as a cross between Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke, and Michael Jackson, all of whom influenced him. His debut album, Trouble Free, was released in 1993. He has subsequently released ten other albums, namely: Push For Your Goal, an album aimed at motivating young children towards educational upliftment, followed by Kashief Lindo Sings Christmas, Soul And Inspiration, What Kinda World, his first all-original album, We Need Love, which demonstrated Kashief Lindo’s writing and production skills, and Love Knows The Way. Other albums are Solid Soul, a collection of soulful ballads paying tribute to soul music, Keep On Keepin’ On, Outtake, and the aforementioned A Reggae Tribute To Michael Jackson. In 2020, he released an EP titled Justice (A Conscious Journey) that mostly focussed on social themes with songs like Till Them Bun Down Di House, I Want Justice, and Just Another Question.


And now, there’s the album Love On…, which unlike the Justice (A Conscious Journey) EP is strong on ballads. None of last year’s hard-hitting songs are included on Love On…, on which most of the tracks are originals. Only two covers are included here: Prisoner Of Love, originally done by US soul icon James Brown, and Goodbye Now Forever, which was made popular by The Clarendonians in the 1960s. Can’t Run Away From Your Heart, which comes across the relicked riddim of The Paragons’ Hooligan is the first to try and soothe your ears. It’s a great opener and one of the best tunes – and a personal favourite – on the album. Up next is My Oh Me Oh My, another huge tune that immediately grabs your attention and, just like the previous track, one that goes on replay. Wrapping up the opening here is Case Of Emergency, which is delivered across a relicked riddim that sounds very familiar to the ears. With the first three tracks being that good, it’s obvious expectations for the rest of the tracks are raised high. And luckily, Kashief Lindo doesn’t let you down. Most of the tracks maintain the high-quality level set by the opening tracks throughout and are a real joy to listen to, although a few sugary sweet ballads may not be to everyone’s taste.

Modern Lovers rock fans that appreciate crisp production and singers such as Sanchez, Wayne Wonder, Bitty McLean, and Stevie Face, can’t go wrong with Kashief Lindo’s new album, which is brimmed with quality love songs.


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