Ken Parker – Here Comes Ken Parker

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Ken Parker - Here Comes Ken Parker
Here Comes Ken Parker

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Ken Parker – Here Comes Ken Parker

Label:  Doctor Bird/Cherry Red Records | Format: CD| Street date: February 11, 2022 | Website label


1 Kiss An Angel – Ken Parker
2 Jimmy Brown – Ken Parker
3 I Can’t Hide – Ken Parker
4 Mothers Eyes – Ken Parker
5 Sincerely – Ken Parker & Dorothy Russell
6 Help Me Make It Through The Night – Ken Parker
7 True True True – Ken Parker
8 I Catch Myself Crying – Ken Parker
9 I Should Have Known – Ken Parker
10 Guilty Inside – Ken Parker
11 Groovin’ In Style – Ken Parker
12 Sugar Pantie – Ken Parker
13 Boys And Girls Reggay – Phyllis Dillon & Hopeton Lewis
14 Boom Shacka Lacka – Hopeton Lewis & The Chosen Few
15 Live It Up – Hopeton Lewis
16 Tom Drunk – Hopeton Lewis & U Roy
17 There She Goes – Hopeton Lewis
18 (Respect) To The Other Man – Hopeton Lewis
19 Judgement Day – Hopeton Lewis & Dennis Alcapone
20 She’s Gone – Hopeton Lewis
21 Testify – Hopeton Lewis
22 Super Soul – Hopeton Lewis
23 Get On The Right Track – Phyllis Dillon & Hopeton Lewis
24 I Must Tame You – Hopeton Lewis
25 Sexy Woman – Hopeton Lewis & The Sexy Girls
26 Peace To You Brother, Peace To You Sister – Hopeton Lewis
27 Take My Heart – Phyllis Dillon & Hopeton Lewis
28 Ride Me Donkey – Hopeton Lewis
29 Soul Power – Hopeton Lewis
30 Drive Her Home – Hopeton Lewis & U Roy

This CD features another underrated Jamaican artist who never had a UK chart hit. Unlike the Jamaican artists who recorded commercial Reggae, Ken Parker didn’t and maybe that was the reason. The original 9 track vinyl album was released in 1974 and then with the ‘Jimmy Brown’ title it was released by Trojan Records in the UK. Both albums were produced by Duke Reid at his Treasure Isle studio in Kingston, Jamaica. All the original album tracks come with backing from Tommy McCook & The Supersonics. Also on this disc, we have 3 bonus tracks from Ken Parker followed by 18 tracks featuring Hopeton Lewis, we take a look at a selection of these.


Track 1: KISS AN ANGEL GOOD MORNING. Here we have starting off the original album tracks a mid-tempo catchy slice of pleasant Reggae. The rhythm track comes with top-notch musicianship and may be familiar to many avid Jamaican music fans. Original UK release Attack. Track 2: JIMMY BROWN. Another familiar number that started off life was recorded by The Browns in 1959. It lends itself well to the Reggae genre and is another catchy sound with a straight rhythm track. Original UK release Duke Reid. Track 3: I CAN’T HIDE. A faster number and the writing credits go to Ken Parker. This starts with a percussion intro and Ken is helped out by a backing chorus. Original UK release Duke Reid. Track 4: MOTHER’S EYES aka YOU BETTER GO. Mid-tempo and a swing-along recording with Ken Parker at his vocal best. Written by the vocalist and has the usual high standard of production from Duke Reid. Original UK release Trojan LP TRLS-80. Track 5: SINCERELY – Ken Parker & Dorothy Russell. This was originally recorded by The Moonglows back in 1954. This is a Ken Parker favourite that has been recorded by various other Jamaican artists. Mid-tempo number with Miss Russell blending into the combined vocal. Original UK release Trojan LP TRLS-80. Track 6: HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT. As one knows this became a UK hit for John Holt during the period of ’70s commercial Reggae. This version comes without a commercial side and maybe it is a better version and should have given Ken a UK hit. The backing track is full-on. Original UK release Treasure Isle. Track 7: TRUE TRUE TRUE. This comes penned by Ken and is a slower number that starts as on the recording Ali Baba by John Holt. Percussion comes over on the backing track and the vocalist is helped out by backing vocalists. Original UK release Trojan TRL-6. Track 8: I CATCH MYSELF CRYING. Another Ken Parker original in a mid-tempo vein and has a deeper vocal. Nothing complicated about the rhythm track. Overall a catchy number with top-notch backing musicianship. Original UK release Trojan TRLS-80. Track 9: I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN. Soulful vocal on another mid-tempo number The backing track comes with percussion and another self-penned recording. Original UK release LP TRLS-80.


Track 10: GUILTY INSIDE. This comes with an unknown writer and is a faster sound. It is produced by Byron Smith and after starting slowly moves into a faster catchy slice of pure Reggae with bass led rhythm track. No original UK release. Track 11: GROOVIN’ IN STYLE aka GROOVIN’ OUT ON LIFE. This has been given a Reggae feel by several artists over the years, The Original pop version by The Newbeats was followed by Reggae versions from Hopeton Lewis and UB40 in 1989. This will be a familiar number to many Jamaican music fans. Original UK release Spinning Wheel. Track 12: SUGAR PATTIE. This was written by its producer, Duke Reid and is a catchy number with a fast rhythm track. Ken is helped out by a female vocal chorus at times throughout behind another soulful vocal. Original UK release Duke Reid.


Track 13: BOYS AND GIRLS REGGAY – Phyllis Dillon & Hopeton Lewis. The writing credits go to Ken Parker and Duke Reid and it has a rhythm track like on Boney M’s big UK hit Brown Girl In The Ring. The vocal is like that of the aforementioned song with different words. The make-up of this is very catchy and Phyllis Dillon does a fine job on here part of the vocal. Original UK release Trojan. Track 14: BOOM SHACKA LACKA – Hopeton Lewis & The Chosen Few. The listener will probably have heard this track many times, it is Hopeton’s most remembered. It is a chug-along number on which the vocalist is helped out by the backing outfit. Writing credits go to Hopeton and maybe should have made an appearance in the UK charts. Original UK release Duke Reid. Track 17: THERE SHE GOES – Hopeton Lewis. This mid-tempo number comes with a laid-back rhythm track and features some fine percussion. One of the shortest tracks at 1min 46seconds and the vocals tells of a girlfriend running away. No original UK release. Track 20: SHE’S GONE – Hopeton Lewis. Self-penned again, this starts off slowly before going into a mid-tempo rhythm. A soulful vocal over a heavier bass led backing that overall ends up as a pleasing track. No original UK release. Track 23: GET ON THE RIGHT TRACK – Phyllis Dillon & Hopeton Lewis. Again Hopeton is joined by the wonderful Miss Dillon on a number that has appeared on many albums/CDs over the years. The combined vocals are smooth and we end up with a track one never fails to enjoy. Original UK release Trojan. Track 25: SEXY WOMAN – Hopeton Lewis & The Sexy Girls. Hopeton is joined by The Sexy Girls who performed over the years with various names, The Lovers, The Ebony Sisters and The Soul Sisters. Slower number this one with Hopeton on the main vocal with little happening from The Sexy Girls, they chant rather than sing. Nothing special about this. No original UK release. Track 28: RIDE ME DONKEY – Hopeton Lewis. The listener may remember this by The Tennors back in 1968. On this version, we have a heavier rhythm track and Hopeton is full-on with a classic vocal. Equally as good as the original. Original UK release Trojan LP TRL3. Track 30: DRIVE HER HOME – Hopeton Lewis & U Roy. This track concludes the disc and is a haunting sound that gets one moving. Naturally, U Roy lends a classy talk-over that works well over a catchy rhythm track. Classic way to leave this collection. Original UK release Treasure Isle.

To sum up this one disc collection, it is always good to have a set of recordings from two stars of the Jamaican music scene on the same disc. Cherry Red Records continue to come up with the best of Jamaican music and again includes the usual 8page informative booklet. This will be a good add-on to any Jamaican music collection.


Ken Parker - Here Comes Ken Parker
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Ken Parker - Here Comes Ken Parker
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Ken Parker – True True True

Ken Parker – I Should Have Known

Hopeton Lewis – Boom Shacka Lacka


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