Pressure Busspipe – The Time Is Now

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Pressure Busspipe - The Time Is Now EP

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Legions Music Production
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October, 2022
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01. Let’s Love
02. Gal Wine
03. The Time Is Now
04. Touch You
05. Bad Mind
06. She’s So Right
07. Fountain feat. Classical Eska
08. Gangster Life
Okay so, I think I’m going to try something a little different with this one and lay my cards on the table immediately: If you’ve spent any substantial time around these parts then you know full well in just how high esteem I hold the talents of the great Pressure Busspipe and look forward to absolutely anything that he does and, generally speaking, my anticipations are rewarded and today is no exception. With that being said, however, I’m going to tell you from the very beginning that his latest set, a solid EP from Legions Music Production (digitally via our old friends at Zojak Worldwide), The Time Is Now. is just that – it’s solid.

It isn’t his greatest piece of work (it isn’t anywhere near it) and I knew that fairly quickly into it… and that’s okay. Just last year, the St. Thomas born fire breather dropped his latest burner in the form of the aptly titled Heights Of Greatness, if you are looking for him bubbling at or around his best, but until that next classic dosage – today we take a quick look at a project which, again, although isn’t his best, still finds Pressure showing glimpses of a talent which sees him as one of the most gifted stars of the modern era of Reggae music.

1. Let’s Love
The opener is, rather easily one of the strongest pieces on the entire EP and if you’re someone who has to come to really appreciate the care and detail that Pressure Busspipe so often displays on his love his love songs, in the syrupy ‘Let’s Love’ you’re likely to find another winner.

You’re so intellectual
And my love is perpetual
When I say I need you, it’s like the car that needs the petrol
I’ma man of my word and you know-
I’ll never stop giving you my heart and soul
With Jah love at the control

Let’s Love is stunning and fits comfortably in the hierarchy of any piece of work the artist has done to date in my opinion.
2. Gal Wine
Obviously, given its title, you know that Gal Wine is a different type of tune altogether from what you typically have come to expect from Pressure (although he has reached similarly in the past once or twice). I’d almost be inclined to call this tune some type of Groovier Soca or something like that – but you know why this one exists. It’s just for a (very) quick and fun vibes and on we go.
3. Time Is Now
What would turn out to be the title track for this EP would actually drop as a single way back in mid February and it remains, as it was back then, an excellent release. I originally took this one as a kind of a kick in the asses of procrastinators everywhere, but it isn’t quite that. Time Is Now is really more of a broad inspirational type of song. It covers the more standard and expected bases that you would expect from it, but it does so BEAUTIFULLY. As a composition, on the whole, it has a lovely vibes to it and, again, while I don’t think Pressure fully brings out his ‘A game’, he does come close enough (and dusts off a historically underrated singing voice) to turn in a genuine highlight.
4. Touch You
Clearly Touch You is the EP’s second love song and thought it may not be as strong as our opener (it is not), it is a decent tune. The major attraction here is just the sound: You will not listen to that chorus but once or twice before it will be STUCK with you for an hour or so at least [“Let me touch you in the right plaaaaaaaaaaaces!”]. It won’t change lives anywhere and it won’t be the greatest piece of its kind that you’ve heard but, given the opportunity, I’m expecting Touch You to be a mighty producer of SMILES.
5. Bad Mind
This song is really interesting because just listening to it, it’s kind of hyper and active, but should you kind of fall into the thinking that it is just a vibes/fun song, you’re going to lose something:
Bun dem out!
Mi no need dem around
Bun dem out!
Inna di sea, dem fi drown
Informer caan tarry inna my town
My town no carry thieves, rapists nor clowns
Get dem out
Dem ah fight gainst di poor
Check dem out, ah pree mines and yours
Mek sure seh dem no put a foot inna mi door-
Tell dem fi cleanse
You and yuh friends, deh pon yuh ends
Wi no work wid false pretense
Yow, a wi set di trends
Take a good look inna yuh lens
Don’t interfere
Make sure yuh conscience clear
Make sure yuh care and share
Make sure yuh nah bow nor sell yuh rear fi go get a successful career
I found myself listening to this one and just bobbing my head and enjoying it and then I went back and noticed that…. Pressure tore a big fucking hole in the first verse on Bad Mind.
6. She’s So Right
Though I immediately gravitated towards and enjoyed its SOUND, She’s So Right did have a bit of work to do on me as far as growing in stature but, to its credit, it did do a bit of that. As it stands, I rank it firmly behind Let’s Love and just as solidly ahead of Touch You. Check Pressure’s voice on this one. As I alluded to in regards to the title track, he can actually sing a bit, but it is a part of arsenal that he probably doesn’t get enough credit for (by comparison, it is much better than…. that stuff Sizzla used to do which he, curiously enough, did receive quite a bit of acclaim for, if I recall correctly).
7. Fountain featuring Classical Eska
The sole combination from The Time Is Now, the social commentary Fountain, which features the talented Classical Eska, ranks damn highly here. These two make for a compelling duo which I was very interested in hearing when I saw the tracklisting – and they do not disappoint. This one has a bit of an unusual pacing to it and, when combined with the vocal styles of the artists (Eska, in particular, he speaks very quickly for the most part), it makes for a very different listening experience. HOWEVER, don’t confuse that with it being less than stellar because, to my opinion, Fountain is the second best song on The Time Is Now (…with respect to Let’s Love which, as I listen to it more and more, may just be perfect).
8. Gangster Life
The aforementioned Fountain only takes second [or maybe third] place here due to quality of the MAMMOTH closer, Gangster Life. This DENSE selection just has some FILTHY quality to it that well put it at the head of the pack to my opinion as Pressure outlines that fact that, no matter who you may be or how big and tough you are, there is always someone capable of keeping you in order. I also like the vibes on this one. I could be wrong (I could always be wrong), but I would presume that Gangster Life wasn’t born out of a great deal of preparation. It has more of a spontaneous and organic feel to it which works to a thrilling effect.
It no pretty round yah
Man will buss yuh head and show no pity round yah
Governed by a different committee round yah
It’s sticky round yah
Gangstas will nyam yah food quickly round yah
Sure, you can find full albums which may [WILL] find Pressure Busspipe in a better form than what you will hear during The Time Is Now but with that being the case, perhaps, what REALLY shines here is his consistency. Pressure really doesn’t put a foot wrong and in the process provides yet another damn solid display of his thunderous talents.

{Note: The actual title of the EP is The Time Is Now, while the song is just Time Is Now}


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